Houston Week Press Conference

Read selected quotes from Tuesday's press conference in Athens.

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt: | Audio Clip

Opening Comments
"We are through celebrating the victory (over Georgia Tech) and had a good practice last night. The guys were in good spirits and gave a good effort. I think we came through the game without any type of serious injury, just a few bangs. Damien Gary might be the only one right now, who is questionable at this point with a sprained knee. He will try to go today (Tuesday) and see how it feels.

"We are playing the University of Houston, which is a team that has not won a game and a team that is dangerous because their backs are against the wall and I'm sure the last thing they want to do is go through an entire season without a victory and so I am sure they will be highly motivated to not let that happen. I hope that our team will realize the importance of this game and will prepare like we have all year long. We have a good group of seniors and leaders and I don't see any signs of any kind of letup. I am pretty happy with the way the team has improved as the season went along. We have gotten better and better and that is a good sign."

On the 2001 seniors:
"I really like the seniors, every one of them. There is not one guy that we had trouble trying to get with the new coaching staff and the program. These guys were determined to make their senior year a successful one and were determined to lead in a positive way and most of them led very well and some were outstanding."

On if emotion has been carrying the team lately:
"I think emotion has a lot to do with it, but I think that the team realized when part of the team got hurt the rest of the guys had to step up and I think they took it upon themselves to do that. I also think (it has to do with) the way we practice and the basic fundamentals that we work on week after week. The goal is to create really good habits and so whether you are high or low, your habits will carry over and take over in a ball game. Usually you are going to end up doing what you practice. I think we are doing a good job of practicing the right way. Players are giving good effort and I think it is carrying over into the ball game and I think it is helping us to get better as the season goes on. The blocking and tackling has gotten better and that is a really good sign."

On Verron Haynes:
"Verron, as a tailback prospect, is not that flashy. It is not that he would catch your attention and say look at the at unbelievable move or that unbelievable speed or anything like that. When we were thinking that this guy was an outstanding college fullback: a great runner, a great short-yardage runner and a great runner period. I always thought of him as a great fullback prospect and we did see him in the spring at tailback some and he did a good job, but as it turned out he has a lot of stamina, he has tackle-breaking ability and he has that fighting heart that makes a good back a great back. He has only started two games, but in the two games he has started he has made a huge difference in our running game and on our team."


David Greene, RFr., QB

On Georgia Tech game:
"We only punted two times. We were moving the ball up and down the field the whole game. We had problems in the red zone. That's hurt us all year."

On preparing for Houston:
"The biggest thing is trying to get better. This week in practice, we'll work hard on putting the ball in the end zone."

"They are the type of team that plays hard and if you don't play well you have a chance to get beat."

On the running game:
"Verron (Haynes), J.T. (Wall) and the guys on the offensive line are doing a great job of running the ball. We were really able to balance the attack. It helped us as far as moving the ball up and down the field."

On Georgia's bowl situation:
"I'm not sure what's going on with the bowl situation. The biggest thing for us is to go out this week and take care of business, then we'll look forward to a bowl."

Decory Bryant, RSo., DB

On Houston:
"Houston's a pretty good passing team. They like to throw a lot. We have to prepare hard this week and not take them lightly. Hopefully, we'll get the victory and then get prepared for our bowl game."

On close losses this season:
"A couple of plays here and there and we could be in a BCS bowl. We'll continue to work hard and prepare for next year and hopefully be a better team."

Curt McGill, Sr., C

On Houston:
"We'll go out and prepare the same way we do for every game. They have nothing to lose which makes them a dangerous team. We can't let them sneak up on us."

On playing in last game at Sanford Stadium:
"I've been thinking about, kind of counting the days down. I know it will be a little emotional playing in my last game (at Sanford Stadium)."

Verron Haynes, Sr., RB

On moving into running back role:
"I prepared myself for it, but I didn't really think it would happen. Coach Van Halanger did a great job preparing us in the summer. He always said envision yourself making a big play."

On preparing for Houston:
"True champions don't just get up for the big ones. We've got to stay focused on our goals. Oklahoma showed last week that you can't take any team for one for granted. We need to stay focused and execute."

"They have a good defense. They swarm to the ball and play hard. They won't just hand us the game. They're going to fight us until the end."

Charles Grant. Jr., Rush

On Houston:
"They have a lot of great athletes on their team. We have to prepare hard for them. We have to put more pressure on the quarterback and stop their running game."

On Georgia's season:
"It's a close season. Every game we lost, we had a chance to win. I thought we had a chance to be better, but we improved week to week as a team."

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