Leader Emerging for Georgia's Top WR?

Nick Kyles is the top WR in the Peach State and a member of TheInsiders South Hot 100. Schools throughout the country have clamored for his attention since the very beginning, but two SEC rivals have separated themselves from the pack. Who stands the best shot to sign Kyles now?

"My top five is Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Auburn and LSU. LSU is the only one of those who have not offered me yet," Nick Kyles said.

Who's out front at this stage?

"Georgia and Florida are my favorite teams and it's really close right now. Georgia is just a little bit ahead."

What has swung things in the favor of the Dawgs?

"It's really close to home and I think I can win a National Championship there without a doubt. I also like the atmosphere on campus a lot."

What camps will the Baldwin star attend this summer?

"I'm supposed to go to both Georgia and Florida but they are at the same time. I've already been to a camp at Georgia before so I'll probably go up there for one day and to Florida for two days instead."

One thing in the Gators favor right now is the fact that they have offered Nick's twin brother Jarvis, and the Bulldogs have not.

"We'd like to go to the same school together if we can. If it happened where we ended up liking different schools though, then we just may have to split up. Hopefully we won't have to do any of that though."

Kyles is ready to get the season started.

"I'm just want to get in pads for the first time. I've been working out a lot and I want to see how much I've improved."

Nick plans to take all 5 of his visits before making a decision.

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