Update 2002: Channing Crowder

Crowder does not have a leader yet, but he says that Georgia is in his top 2.

Jamie Newberg calls him the most underrated linebacker in the South. And with numbers like this: as a junior, he recorded 120 tackles, 5 fumble recoveries, and caused 4 fumbles; he might just be that.

Crowder is very concerned with academics. We talked at length about how he was looking forward to entering Veterinary Medicine when he decides which school he wants to go to.

"I want to use the HOPE scholarship if I decide to go to Georgia and enroll a little early to get started and knock a few classes out of the way. If I do that I can enroll in early June and take a semester before football starts. That will also allow me to eat and run with the team. Then I can use the football scholarship from the fall on."

Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, NC State, and Penn State are all going to get visits from Crowder. He explained that Georgia Tech already has one strike against them.

"They don't have a Vet Medicine school over there. So that's not good."

As a linebacker he knows that he will be put under a lot of physical and mental stress wherever he goes.

"I went to Athens for the South Carolina game and they showed me the play book. I need to get over to Athens early in order to remember all of those plays. Also, I need to continue my workouts so that I can keep up when practice starts. I love Georgia's staff. Coach Garner is recruiting me, but I have also talked with Coach VanGorder and Coach Richt. I think that they are all great."

He is set to visit Georgia the weekend of January 11th; one week after he visits Georgia Tech. Georgia had offered him a scholarship. Crowder was named the Atlanta Touchdown Club's Player of the Week for the week of October 22nd.

Whichever school gets this young man will be pleased with the person that is coming on their campus, he is well spoken and knew what he was talking about. He was excited about the chance that he has to play major college football. It appears that VanGorder and company made an impact on Crowder, if that will get him in Athens or not, I am not certain.

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