Final Destination Now Known for UGA Signee

Brandon Lang has been right on the cusp of qualifying for quite sometime and the final word on whether or not he received the necessary test score came down on Tuesday afternoon. Did the big defensive end make it to Athens, or will he spend a year at Prep School?

"I'm going to go to prep school. I just found out today (Tuesday). I was real close to making it. I only needed about 25 more points to get in," Brandon Lang said.

Lang is looking at things with a positive attitude.

"I'm going to use this to my advantage. I'll be working on my grades first of all, but I'll also use it to get bigger, faster and stronger."

What has the Tucker graduate heard about Hargrave from some of the current Dawgs who have already been there?

"I've heard it's pretty tough. I just have to get through it, because I won't be there for all that long."

Georgia's coaches were notified on Tuesday as well.

"I talked to coach Garner today. He told me that it's only 6 months and to be ready when I report back to Athens for bowl practice.

Is there any chance that Brandon could sign elsewhere after his short stay in Virginia?

"No. I'm definitely going back to Georgia and I'll be there in January. My main motivation to get back is just playing in that stadium. I want to play at Sanford."

Lang will report Hargrave Military Academy after the July 4th Holiday that he'll spend with his family. He reported his current height and weight at 6'5 220lbs.

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