Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: <br> Mohamed Massaquoi was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Massaquoi. Mohamed then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: I have Mohamed on the line and were ready for questions...

AlDog:: Mohamed, how much influence did Cox committ make on your decision?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: It really didnt make much of an influence. I would have went there anyway

RedanDawg:: has he been to Athens on a gameday or been through the dawgwalk?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Yes. It's exciting. There's about 10-15,000 fans just going crazy. Really fun experience

thedogfather:: Which coach really made you feel UGA was the right place for you?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Actually all of them. Coach Bobo, Coach Eason and Coach Richt were all great.

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: what was his impressions playing against Ellerbe and Bryant last year and did D.E. hit him at all?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: They were the best team we faced and they were 2 of the better athletes we faced. Dannell actually didn't get a chance to hit me, and I'm glad he didn't (laughing)

thedogfather:: Have you met any other guys who are seriously considering UGA as a college?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Not at this moment. When I go to games, I'll see a couple of guys

hardhitter42:: any other players he'd like to see us pull from NC this year or next?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Anybody out of Independence. I want to keep that pipeline going

ugadawg5674:: who are u recruting for uga?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: We have a real good tackle named Pierre Andrews coming up and he likes Georgia. he's going to visit down there this year

courierdawg:: whats your height and 40 time
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I'm 6'2 and I run a 4.43

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: what is origin of name Massaquoi?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: It has a french and african origin

thedogfather:: Were you able to make it down for GDay? If you did were you impressed by the team?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I did make it for G-Day. I was real impressed how they ran things. It was very organized

AlDog:: What other sports do you play?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I play basketball and run track. I run the 400m and 200m

courierdawg:: have you ever seen kenneth harris play
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I've seen some of his bball films but never in football. He's a good athlete

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: any ideas what you'll major in?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: At this time no. Im going to decide soon

RedanDawg:: is he going to take any other visits or just his official to UGA?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Probably just my official to Georgia

courierdawg:: how long have you and joe been throwing to each other
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Since the 9th grade. He's like my brother

thedogfather:: Is there any chance for you to enroll in January? Do you know if Cox might?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: That's not possible the way our school system is set up. I'd have to transfer schools and go through a lot of things to make that possible

hardhitter42:: when did he first start hearing from uga and when did it click for him that Georgia was the place for him?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: The first time I talked to UGA was my 9th grade year when they came to see Mario Raley. Going down there for camp and during the Jr. Days made it click for me

dawgss:: what is his strong points speed or hands or both
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I'd probably say route running and hands are my best attributes

courierdawg:: what are you and joes strengths and what do you need to work on
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Our strengths is knowing eachother for a long time. We can communicate without actually speaking. We need to get better all around and just get smarter

thedogfather:: I assume you caught balls from Chris Leak when you were in 9th and 10th. From a WR's standpoint what are the differences between Cox and Leak?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: They're both really good. Chris throws it differently. He has a stronger arm than most HS QB's. They are both very accurate and smart. From a WR standpoint, there's not much difference

georgiadawg14:: Why did you want to go to UGA?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I took a trip down there last weekend and I was able to see everything b/c it was just me. Alot of 1 on 1 time with the coaches. I saw what they had to offer and decided it was a good decision

AlDog:: How much blocking does he have to do in his high school's system.
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Were a 50/50 offense so we have to block a lot. I believe I'm a good blocker, but you can always get better

courierdawg:: who was the best player you played against
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Probably Rod Council. I think he went to Virginia Tech. He was a CB

dawgss:: how does it feel to be going to a school that will contend for the NC year in and year out
Mohamed Massaquoi:: THat feels great. Coming from the program that Im from, you always want to move on to a place that will be a winner as well. Im accustomed to winning

hardhitter42:: It's hard to say anything good about a Gator, but from all accounts it sounds like Chris Leak is a very upstanding that your feeling too?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Yeah. He's real down to earth, real humble. He's a great leader and he's helped me a lot. He showed me a lot of things

courierdawg:: who was the best team you faced
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Richmond County last year was the best team we played. We barely beat them 20-18

54dawg:: MM, What is your strongest or favorite pass route to run?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Depends on the situation. If I had a preference it would probably be a comeback or a post

georgiadawg14:: When did you first start playing Football as a WR?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: I would say my 8th grade year was the first time I played WR. Before that I was a QB and RB. I played it all

courierdawg:: what reciever do you compare yourself to
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Maybe Roy Williams in a way. He's bigger than me but were about the same height. He can go the distance any time

thedogfather:: What grade were you in in HS when you got out in the starting lineup?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: My 9th grade year in the playoffs was the first time I started b/c we started 4 WR's

RedanDawg:: according to his profile on the site he has awesome grades.. tell him congrats from the dawg nation on doing such a good job in the classroom
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Thanks a lot. I have a 4.2 and I made an 1100 SAT

54dawg:: which route provides you the best chance to break one?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: A hitch or a slant. Something that gets me the ball quick.

thedogfather:: Were you on the varsity in eighth grade?
Mohamed Massaquoi:: No. That doesnt work in our district. You cant play up when your in the 8th grade

dawgss:: would you rather put a move on someone or lower your shoulder to get in the endzone
Mohamed Massaquoi:: Both. I mean, if he's there, Im gonna run him over (laughing)

Mohamed Massaquoi:: Thanks for having me. Go Dawgs!

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