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You name it, we talked about it. An hour long chat session with the members of the Dawgpost and TheInsiders' Scott Kennedy, Ryan Jordan,Chad Simmons, and Miller Safrit. <b>If you're a Georgia fan, or even a recruiting fan in General, you'll find more information in this transcript than you will surfing 10 hours of updates</b>... Don't Miss It!

Scott Kennedy: Before we get started on Summer Camp stuff, just wanted to let y'all know I've spent all day in Athens today, talked with about a dozen kids, snapped photos of them in action, running, lifting weights, running with medicine balls in the sand pit, Coach Van is a sick man :). (The Dawgpost will have pictures up later today).

Scott Kennedy: Reggie Brown was just gliding around the field during the running

AlDog: Were Brandon Miller and Charles Johnson there?
Scott Kennedy: Miller and CJ were there. Miller and CJ aren't in school yet, so I can't post their pictures yet... let's just say Brandon is a big boy...

Brazilian Dawg: Scott, who were the bests at Fla camp?
Scott Kennedy: Demetris Morely was the MVP of the camp in my eyes
Ryan Jordan: Demetrius Morley

RecruiterDawg: he UF bound? Miami?
Scott Kennedy: I think he's pretty open (Committed to Florida last night).
courierdawg: we got Ian Smith from cville was Anthony Barnes there if so how did he do have you heard anything?
Scott Kennedy: Barnes was there. I don't expect Georgia to offer him...

wrmsprngsdawg: Could we sign as many as 5 ol in feb.promising news on Chris Scott in update.
Chad Simmons: I heard some interesting news on Chris Scott today
Scott Kennedy: I think it's Tennessee or Georgia for Chris Scott
Chad Simmons: Keith Fitzhugh called me and he said that he just got off the phone with Chris and he said we are both going to be bulldogs. One for MSU and one for UGA. They were talking about playing one another during their freshman year.
Chad Simmons: nothing is certain yet, but UGA REALLY opened his eyes this weekend

RecruiterDawg: nice
wrmsprngsdawg: That would be great.
porkchopcash: that's good news

lumberdawg: Scott was the talk of this board last year, why has his stock seemingly dropped?
Scott Kennedy: lumber, it hasn't dropped in my eyes... I think he's the #2 OL in the state

Scott Kennedy: Ali Sharrief was at Georgia too
RecruiterDawg: he's LSU bound or Auburn right Scott?
Scott Kennedy: I don't know that he has a firm offer from Georgia... we'll see about Sharrief... I think he ends up at Auburn.
RecruiterDawg: weird situation him living with that kid that is committed to LSU

porkchopcash: Is Justin Mincey a UF lean, or is he playing the game?
Ryan Jordan: Mincey is leaning to UF
Scott Kennedy: I looked in his eyes and asked him about his favorites..
Ryan Jordan: It's gonna go to the very end again
Scott Kennedy: said he was a bit of a UF Lean right now
Chad Simmons: T.J. Williams was there too. A WR out of Tally-Leon left with an offer from what i hear

AlDog: Was Paul Duncan at the camp in Athens?
Ryan Jordan: I dont think so Al.  Duke wasn't there either
Scott Kennedy: I don't think Duncan was at Georgia. Duke Robinson was at Georgia, but I haven't gotten any reviews on him yet

Scott Kennedy: Nick Kyles looked really good at Georgia, but he didn't look as good at Florida, I think he was a bit worn out...

lumberdawg: Sheil, SMith and Scott all we take on the OL?
Scott Kennedy: Charles Jackson
Chad Simmons: Josh McNeil is possibility too
Scott Kennedy: yup, McNeil is definitely a possibility, McNeil to Center then Ian Smith to Guard

AlDog: Miller any more rumors on Mohamed Massaquoi?
Miller Safrit: AlDog - the report I read was not completely what I heard, but the rumor is pretty much died down per a source

thedogfather: Mr. Safrit, how did  Joe Cox perform at the passing tourney?
Miller Safrit: thedogfather - Cox and MM really, really improved over the offseason. Cox has a much stronger arm and has bulked up a bit. MM is much more refined in catching the ball correctly and also added a lot of muscle. Joe is right at 6-1, but I really don't care that much about height once you hit 6-0

courierdawg: is Tray Blackmon still a dawg or is it going to be a fight
Ryan Jordan: Always was going to be a fight
Scott Kennedy: I've said from the beginning that Georgia is the team to beat for Blackmon
Chad Simmons: courier, looks to be a fight with a third party joining. AUB, FSU and UGA, but I still like UGA

dawgss: who does mike moore remind you of
Scott Kennedy: I like Mike Moore, I watched him down in Miami. His hands scared me, but he has a lot of tools physically, that's why Safety makes so much sense

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: miller, it looks like So Carolina is really struggling - is Clemson going to clean their clock?
Miller Safrit: depends on the season SC has but Clemson is well out in the lead in a lackluster state this year

wrmsprngsdawg: Will UGA offer Johnny Belt?
Scott Kennedy: Belt could get a look. He has a lot of tools too... very raw
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: belt sort of like Demiko Goodman, right?
Scott Kennedy: much bigger, stronger.

thedogfather: Any TEs that UGA is pursuing rught now?
Scott Kennedy: Tripp Chandler showed out well at camp...
Scott Kennedy: Marcus Ball was at UGA this weekend as well... he'll have an early offer from Georgia next year
thedogfather: Reggie's brother?
Scott Kennedy: yes, that's Reggie's brother
Scott Kennedy: Stephenson brought about 12 kids, so I wouldn't worry too much about any fall out from the Michael Grant situation.
thedogfather: Has he gotten any bigger?
Scott Kennedy: he's 6-0 even. looks a lot like Ernie Sims physically. Ernie's little brother was at Georgia too… Maurice Sims.

dawgUGA77: was Mark Paschal at uga this weekend?
Chad Simmons: Paschal was there. He is a little disappointed not to get an offer

wrmsprngsdawg: Was James Davis at UGA this weekend?
Chad Simmons: No Douglass guys there
Scott Kennedy: James Davis won't camp...
wrmsprngsdawg: He still UGA's prime target at rb?
Scott Kennedy: yeah, Georgia wants James Davis

RecruiterDawg: we recruiting any more OT's than Duke and Charles, and Sheil?
Scott Kennedy: Duke is a guard
RecruiterDawg: so just Charles at OT?
Scott Kennedy: I think Chris Scott has the feet to play Tackle if need be
Chad Simmons: Charles, Sheil and Scott at OT right now

HartwellDawg: Will Albert Hollis contribute very much this year???...I would love to see him have a REAL chance at RB!!
Scott Kennedy: I saw him today, Hollis looks like a Body Builder

ApuNahasapeemipetilon: well, if Thomas Brown is a corner, then with him and Remarcus I'd say we only needed one this year.
Scott Kennedy: Thomas Brown told me today... Running Back

lumberdawg: RB for Brown, SK? is he going both ways?
Scott Kennedy: He never said Corner. Lester mis-quoted him 

HoopDawg83: Have you guys seen B. Miller and C. Johnson around? How do they look physically?
Scott Kennedy: I saw them both today... Brandon Miller is huge... he's at 236 right now. I asked him where he was going to start (playing), "I don't know" and he laughed
Scott Kennedy: Ray Gant was working much harder this year. He was being a leader today.
gablue1: sometimes we are to hard on the players and expect a 18-19 year old to act like a 30 year old

Berlusconi: Scott, Perry reports seemed a little luke warm, was he thrown off by Weston's attendance?
Scott Kennedy: I don't think he'd be thrown off, that doesn't make sense, no one wants to play DT by himself….

HoopDawg83: has A.J. Bryant gained any weight?
Scott Kennedy: AJ is at 200. he looks awesome
thedogfather: Scott, who is faster Miller or Charles Johnson?
Scott Kennedy: I would take CJ in 20 yards, Miller in 40+

JasonB416: A. Coates?  Anything on him
Ryan Jordan: Coates Update: He likes UGA and Clemson
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: Coates looks like Greg Blue to me

54dawg: What effect would Moore and Coates commit have on C.J. Byrd? All are S
ApuNahasapeemipetilon: CJ knows he'll hit the field wherever he goes
Ryan Jordan: I imagine Byrd could care less about competition'

AlDog: Was James Lee there today?  Wondered how he was doing.
Scott Kennedy: the 3 shoulder freshmen were in the morning session, but I asked about them. Coach Van said they were all doing well. And should contribute this year

thedogfather: Was Greene there Scott?
Scott Kennedy: Greene was there. I have a picture of Greene leading his group
manchild611: how good is mike moore? scott did u see him at the camp?
Scott Kennedy: I saw him at a different camp. I liked him physically.... but was scared about his hands... so safety makes a lot of sense. Moore was the best WR prospect that the MSL Miami Camp
cordeledog1: Scott,,,did you see Sean Bailey ?
Scott Kennedy: I saw Bailey today... he's at about 180
gablue1: bailey has put some weight then

manchild611: was anyone here at the camp? i was wondering if anyone looked good enough to get an offer. how was nick kyles?
Scott Kennedy: manchild, word was that Nick Kyles looked very good...

HoopDawg83: Richard Cook?
Scott Kennedy: Saw Cook today. he's in much better shape right now than he was this time last year

cordeledog1: Guess as to who will be the next to commit publically ?
Scott Kennedy: Coates would be my guess.
Chad Simmons: Coates or Patrick Sheil would be mine
Ryan Jordan: Coates says he's gonna wait...  for what it's worth.

Thanks for coming to the Dawgpost Chat on Monday Night, and thank you for taking the time to read the re-cap!

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