Watson's replacement?

Georgia has a tradition of solid tight ends. In the heyday of Georgia tight ends, the mid to late 1990s, Georgia had two players, Larry Brown and Jermiane Wiggins, that eventually both went on to play in Super Bowls. After Brown and Wiggins left Randy McMichael and Ben Watson kept up the tight end tradition at Georgia. Now someone must replace Watson and this fall's camp will decide the front runner for that job.

"I'm excited about our tight ends," said Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt. "They are tall, they can run, they can catch, they are willing blockers but I think that they need to get a little more physical when they block,"

That seems to be the problem with most tight ends. But Watson became sort of a sixth offensive lineman last year due to Georgia's struggle on the offensive line. That probably won't be the case with this year's tight ends.

"They have a chance to be very good and I think you'll see both of them in the game at the same time from time to time. I think that they are the kind of guys that can do more than just play the one tight end position," said Richt.

Martrez Milner is the number one tight end going into the fall. This year is his first opportunity to capture the starting spot without Watson in the way. Milner is big and strong and has held off his competition since Watson left.

Leonard Pope is also trying to wrestle the starting spot for himself, and Richt thinks highly of him. "He works hard. He is a great representation of Georgia," said the head coach. Pope worked so hard, in fact, that he avoided getting redshirted in his first season at Georgia and according to Richt that will help him develop even more this season.

"Last year (I) tried to decide if I should redshirt him," said Richt, "but because we did play him he'll be so much more ready to play this year. He'll be a big time contributor this year," said Richt.


Ben Watson


Martrez Milner and Leonard Pope

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