The Iron Dawgs in the Sandpit

So you thought running and lifting weights was hard work? How about leaping through the sand carrying a medicine ball. Your Iron Dawgs are working this summer for a shot at a national title see them in action in more summer workout photos and updates.

So you think you want to be a football player? True Freshman Brannan Southerland enrolled in school early and is participating in summer workouts which includes leaping through the sandpit, carrying a medicine ball in 90+ degree weather.

David Pollack shows works on his trademark burst with the leaping exercises in the sandpit.

In what would make a normal person drop, Pollack makes running through the sandpit look easy by comparison to the leaping exercise. 

Darrius Swain has bounced between defensive tackle and offensive line this spring, and he is working hard to earn himself a home on the offensive line.

Dan Inman is an offensive tackle that is working for a spot on the ever competitive offensive line, where fierce battles will be waged for the starting spots this fall.

Knowing the benefits of a Dave Van Halanger workout, former Bulldogs are often seen in attendance for summer session. Here Chris Clemons and Nic Clemons  of the Washington Redskins work the pit.

Running with the big men, Southerland shows he is not content to just keep up; the freshman is pushing himself to the max by leading the linemen in his group.

Easily spotted and heard as one of the leaders on the team this year, Arnold Harrison first encourages his teammates to do their best, then leads by example by doing his.

Ken Shackleford is another offensive lineman that will be pushing for playing time this year. Here he is shown leading his group which includes two NFL Ball players.

Tight End is another position that is up for grabs this fall, and Leonard Pope is working to stake his claim to the position this summer. 

Mario Raley was another very vocal leader in the sandpit, and he backed up his encouragement with hard work of his own. There is a lot of playing time available at wide receiver this fall, and Raley is making sure his name stays in the mix.

The Iron Dawgs brace for the 4th Quarter.

All-American David Pollack is the last one to leave the field as he sits in the shade after the workout.

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