Georgia Camp Standout - Kenny McKinley

South Cobb's <b> Kenny McKinley</b> is an athletic quarterback in High School, but he may end up at another position on the college level. This quick, shifty athlete attended his fifth camp at Georgia last weekend. How did his camp go, and who are the teams he is looking at the hardest?

"I had a very good camp. I think I did well. I worked with quarterbacks for the first half of day one (Friday), and then they ask me to try wide receiver. I moved over to wide receiver and stayed there throughout the completion of camp. It is a new position for me, but I think I caught on pretty well. A lot of the other players at camp were helping me out, so that made it a little easier", said Kenny McKinley.

McKinley had ten offers going into camp, did he walk away with number eleven?

"No, they didn't offer yet. Coach Bobo hung around me all day and was telling me how they really like me and are interested in seeing me play this year. Then, Coach Richt called me over to talk to him."

What did Richt have to say to McKinley?

"First, he told me how he was very pleased with my academic status. Then, he just went into how they really like me as an athlete. He said, Coach Martinez wanted to look at me at defensive back, but Richt said no, I was playing offense. Coach Richt told me they see me as someone who could come in and make plays for them. He wants me to get bigger and stronger this year. He said they will be evaluating me early in the season and then decide if they will offer or not."

"I feel like I really helped my chances of getting a UGA offer with my camp performance."

McKinley has been wide open through the recruiting process, but that could change quickly with an offer from Georgia.

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