The Iron Dawgs Getting Ready for the 4th Quarter

Your <b> Iron Dawgs</b> are working hard this summer to make it back to the Dome and beyond in 2004. Here is a quick look at the Bulldogs going through a summer session of Mat Drills.

Typically, Mat Drills are done inside on wrestling mats, hence the name, but this time of year the players are brought outside to start getting used to the heat.

The Mat Drills are a series of circuit training sessions designed to enhance quickness, flexibility, strength, explosion, as well as get the team focused on togetherness.

Here are some images of the Iron Dawgs in action during their Mat Drills.

It takes more than going through the motions to get better, and Dave Van Halanger addresses the Iron Dawgs and reminds them to stay focused on why they are here.

That mass of humanity is the Iron Dawgs getting ready to do Mat Drills by warming up with pushups Iron Dawg Style.

In an ultimate display of teamwork, the Iron Dawgs lock and load in a unity pushup while Coach Van Halanger looks on.

The Ropes are one of several stations that make up the Mat Drills. Here Trey Chandler goes through the Ropes with a weight vest on. Chandler is up to a solid 286 pounds after taking a redshirt last year, and he looks ready to make a contribution as a redshirt freshman.

Tim Jennings was the best corner in the spring, and here he waits his turn for the next round of workouts.

Jennings and Thomas Davis hit the "mat" as they continue their conditioning.

Jennings and Davis work side to side in a crab walk.

Jennings and Davis roll back into their crab walk.

A trio of 2nd year players that could see a lot of time this year are from left redshirt freshman Paul Oliver, sophomore Sean Bailey, and redshirt freshman T.J. Gartrell.

Oliver and Bailey are on all fours in the 90+ heat getting better for 2004.

A.J. Bryant (front left) and Mikey Henderson hit the deck, while Sean Bailey (back left) and T.J. Gartrell wait their turn.

Mikey Henderson was one of several players that was singled out after workouts for maximum effort.

Coach Van works his group for the 4th Quarter.

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