Interactive Chat-Recap with Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: <br> Ian Smith was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Smith. Ian then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I got Ian....

Ryan Jordan:: Were ready for questions....

AlDog:: Ian have you been a long time Dawg fan?
Ian Smith:: Pretty much my whole life.

pater15:: what position guard or center?
Ian Smith:: Whichever one they need me at the most. I prefer G, but I'll play C

PaulWesterdawg:: Ian what was the "Deal Closer" for you?
Ian Smith:: Just them offering me. I went into camp saying if they offered that I'd commit

PaulWesterdawg:: What other Players did he hang out with?
Ian Smith:: Drew Elrod and Tarvis Scott from Adairsville. They're really cool. I like them both

GneissDawg:: What is your squat and bench press?
Ian Smith:: I bench 340 and I squat about 440

pater15:: are you planning on a redshirt year?
Ian Smith:: I dont know if they will or not. I'm thinking they'll probably redshirt me though

begger:: How close are he and Josh Brock? How do the two compare as players?
Ian Smith:: Were pretty close. Not the best of friends, but we know eachother. From what my coach says, we kind of pull the same way

PaulWesterdawg:: Any current players? Did he hang with any of them?
Ian Smith:: I didn't really have a chance to meet any of the guys already at Georgia

AlDog:: Are you going to try to recruit some other playrs for us?
Ian Smith:: Yeah. If my guys get offered, I'll go after them

begger:: How are his shoulders? How big is he?
Ian Smith:: My shoulders are fine. I'm about 295 or 300. I fluctuate back and forth

pater15:: what did coach callaway like best about you?
Ian Smith:: They told me from the film that they like the way I run block and pull out on my blocks

GneissDawg:: What kind of offense does your team run?
Ian Smith:: Were pretty much a wing-t and shotgun. That's our bread and butter

GneissDawg:: When you do pull, what position guy are you usually assigned to block?
Ian Smith:: It's usually a DE or a CB. I like to hit the DE's because you get a little more wider area to hit them

AlDog:: Who are some of the players that impressed you at the UGA Camp?
Ian Smith:: I really didn't get a chance to look around but Chris Scott from Lovejoy was there and he was real good.

pater15:: do you think new recruits are impressed by the dorms, were they talking about them?
Ian Smith:: Oh yeah. Those things are nice. I was real impressed with them myself

begger:: What about some of the DL? Both at the camp, and from his high school games?
Ian Smith:: I can't really remember the names, but it was the shorter and quicker DE's that impressed me the most.

Ian Smith:: I just appreciate these guys being interested in me and I hope we have a good year. Thanks!

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