Georgia Safety Working towards 1st Offer

<b>Jeffrey Harrison</b> may be one of the top Safeties in the South this year. Although Harrison doesn't have an offer yet, the first one may be right around the corner. What schools may be on the verge of offering Harrison?

"Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Notre Dame send me the most hand written letters and they are the schools recruiting me the hardest right now. I could see any one of those schools offering me before too long", stated Jeffrey Harrison.

When the offers begin to come in, does Harrison plan to make an early decision?

"No sir, I plan to wait and see who all offers before making a commitment. I would like to take some official visits to make sure of things too."

Jeffrey doesn't really have any favorites to this point, but there are two schools he hopes to receive offers from…

"I would really like to get offers from Georgia and Notre Dame. Georgia is the home state school, and I really like their coaching staff. Notre Dame, just because of the tradition. I would be honored to get an offer from them."

Jeffrey is someone you want to keep an eye on this Fall. Once the first offer arrives, expect a lot more to follow.

Jeffrey is set to be fully qualified academically.

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