Where is Fulmer?

HOOVER, AL – Legal jargon ruled the day at the SEC Media Days today. Two SEC schools, Tennessee and Alabama, were mentioned early and often with regards to a lawsuit rather than football.

"I apologize for any distraction this has caused," said Tennessee Head Football Coach Phillip Fulmer from a telephone. Fulmer is s co-defendant in a lawsuit that was brought by attorneys focusing on years of dealings regarding recruiting at Alabama. His absence at the event has been the main story all week in Birmingham.

It is also the second season in a row that one of the SEC's 12 head coaches have missed the annual Media Days event. South Carolina Head Coach Lou Holtz missed last year's due to weather related problems. A $10,000 fine was put in place for those coaches that miss the annual event after last season. There is no word yet if Fulmer will be responsible for payment considering the circumstances.

"Why am I not in Birmingham?" questioned Fulmer. "I am defendant along with NCAA and AFCA in a frivolous lawsuit in Tuscaloosa. This could have been over weeks ago," he said with a tone.

"Our motion to dismiss was continued to next Monday by rogue lawyers and timing of that is not coincidental," he said.

Fulmer added his legal council advised him not to speak in Birmingham before the media.

"Now a few radical attorneys own agenda to smear NCAA. These are the same people who sued two sitting Alabama governors," he continued.

"It is documented all the University of Alabama has been through," said Fulmer of his team's rivals and the sanctions that were placed on them by the NCAA for rules infractions. "It's not all their fault. We all have uncontrolled boosters in our program. That problem caused two coaches to plead guilty to federal charges."

Fulmer added his frustration with the media regarding the matter: "Some of you have called me a coward; I was disappointing to see that. You can talk about my coaching, play calling, or my physique. But to call me coward is over the line."

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