Interactive Chat Re-Cap With Georgia Commitment

The format for the chat was as follows: Joe Cox was on the telephone with Ryan Jordan of Ryan fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Cox. Cox then answered, and Ryan relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright guys, I've got Joe on the line and were ready for questions.....

AK Dawg:: Joe compare your game to Chris Leak?
Joe Cox:: I think Chris has a stronger arm, but I say we both read defense the same and our strength is accuracy. That's what we both work for.

AlDog:: Lowiq's question. How do the folks in N.C. feel about the UGA program?
Joe Cox:: Everyone in NC loves the UGA program. Everyone has told me I made a great decision

bhdawg:: Joe how did you do at the elite 11 camp, give us a report please
Joe Cox:: I had a great camp out there. They ranked me 2nd out of the 11 guys

RecruiterDawg:: Are you actively recruiting players for us now that your boy Mohamed is committed?
Joe Cox:: Yes, everytime I get a chance to see guys in NC that UGA wants, I talk to them. I do my best to talk up Georgia anytime I can

okidog:: Joe what are your strengths and your weaknesses
Joe Cox:: I'd say my weaknesses is speed. My strengths are reading defense and accuracy

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: did you attend any uga games last year?
Joe Cox:: I went to the UT game at home in 2002. No UGA games last year

RecruiterDawg:: What do you feel you need to improve on this year?
Joe Cox:: I need to focus on how fast defenses are going to be. I need to do everything I can to prepare myself for the next level

dawgfan34:: What was the biggest selling point about UGA???
Joe Cox:: What sold me on UGA was Coach Richt. Hands down. He was the best I've met. He has a vibe about him that just shows he's a great guy

AK Dawg:: Joe have you met Blake Barnes, and are you looking forward to competing with him next year?
Joe Cox:: I have met Blake and I think it will be fun to compete against him. Im ready for it

FredGoDeep:: Joe have you talked to Josh Briscoe any?
Joe Cox:: I havent talked to Josh Briscoe. I know Crompton is doing a lot of recruiting him for UT

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: you guys going to repeat as state champs this year?
Joe Cox:: Absolutely. Our #1 goal is to be State Champs

RecruiterDawg:: you ever play against Ellerbe and Bryant? Thoughts?
Joe Cox:: We played them last year. Bryant was the best athlete in the state last year. Ellerbe is going to be very good also. I think Jamar was a better WR than a QB. They had him all over the field

FredGoDeep:: How hard was it to call duke back and give them the news?
Joe Cox:: It was really hard to just pick up the phone and do it. The decision to go to UGA over Duke was simple though. I knew that's where I wanted to be

FredGoDeep:: Any other schools still recruiting you Joe?
Joe Cox:: I get some stuff from South Carolina and FSU still. I've called a lot of schools and told them I didnt want people to recruit me though. I havent even opened a letter since I committed to UGA

FredGoDeep:: Joe did you learn alot while at the Elite 11?
Joe Cox:: Yes I did. I learned a lot out there. We learned every type of coverage a defense could possibly be in. Everything to do with QB, I was taught there

pater15:: Joe, do you plan on redshirting?
Joe Cox:: I do plan to RS

ApuNahasapeemipetilon:: have you ever been compared to jeff garcia?
Joe Cox:: I have actually. Somebody on my team actually said I look like him before

thedogfather:: Joe, who did you feel was the best QB at the Elite 11?
Joe Cox:: I thought Mark Sanchez going to USC was the best QB

FredGoDeep:: Whats the conversations with Jon C been like now since ya'll know yall will be facing off against each other the next few years Joe?
Joe Cox:: We never really talk about it. We were out there playing that NCAA2005 game and he was ragging at me... We just joke about it

54dawg:: Being that your Dad played college Fball, has it been a plus in your developement as a college prospect?
Joe Cox:: It has. My dad told me a lot about recruiting and how he handled it. He had never decommitted but he said the hardest thing to do was telling an interested school that you weren't going there

Boehmdawg:: Joe are you a huge Blue Devil fan?
Joe Cox:: I still got a place for Duke in my heart. But right now, I'm definitely just a Bulldog fan

bhdawg:: who do you pattern your game after ?
Joe Cox:: I pattern my game after Peyton Manning

okidog:: Joe have you experienced the Dawgwalk?
Joe Cox:: I haven't seen that yet. I'm ready to do the Dawgwalk though

okidog:: What is your max distance for an accurate throw?
Joe Cox:: I can throw an accurate throw about 60yds... Most of the time the play wont last long enough for me to throw it that far though.

AlDog:: Which games in Athens will you attend this Fall?
Joe Cox:: As many home games as I possibly can. I'll definitely be at LSU and UT

thedogfather:: Did any UGA player really make you want to be a Dawg?
Joe Cox:: Mario Raley. He went to Independence with us. Everytime we go down there we see him and talk to him.

bhdawg:: Other than Richt who is your favorite coach at GA
Joe Cox:: Bobo. Definitely Bobo

pater15:: joe do you think uga can go undefeated this tear?
Joe Cox:: Absolutely. I think they are one of those teams every year who can go undefeated

FredGoDeep:: Joe, any underclassmen at Indy to keep the pipeline to UGA going?
Joe Cox:: We have an OL that UGA was talking about who's a JR. Were gonna talk to him and another WR

dawgfan34:: Joe have you met David Greene and if so what do you think of him???
Joe Cox:: I met David Greene. He has a really level head. He's not cocky, he just talked to me like he was another person. I really respected that. I've been to a few schools where the QB's will just nod their head at you, but David actually spoke to me

wrmsprngsdawg:: How do your parents feel about you going to UGA. Aren't they Duke grads?
Joe Cox:: They're happy for me. My mom wasn't really mad, but she was happy about me going to Duke too. My dad went to the UGA camp with me and saw what I saw. He was just as happy as I was

FredGoDeep:: Describe Mohamed Massaquoi as a player Joe
Joe Cox:: Mohamed has got his speed up. He has the best hands by far in NC. He's really good off the jam. I havent seen anyone who can get a good press on him yet. He runs the best routes of any WR I've ever thrown too

wrmsprngsdawg:: How do you like Richt's offense.How is it similar to the offense you're running in hs?
Joe Cox:: Richt's offense is very similar. They run a lot of single back stuff and that's what we do

thedogfather:: Do you ever speak to Chris Leak any more? Did he try to pull you to UF?
Joe Cox:: To be honest w/ you. I haven't talked to Chris in a very long time. He never tried to pull me to UF

FredGoDeep:: Will the head coaching change at Indy have any effect on the "streak" joe?
Joe Cox:: No it won't. Our new HC was the defensive coordinator and all our coaches are still there except Coach Knox. I think we'll be successful

FredGoDeep:: How does it feel to know that you and Mohamed will play college ball together Joe?
Boehmdawg:: Can't wait to see the MM to JC connection.

AlDog:: Did you get to see the new dorms?
Joe Cox:: I saw the dorms when they were first under construction, but Mohamed went down there to visit and he got to go in them. He said they were absolutely amazing

Aldog:: What do you like about Athens?
Joe Cox:: The whole atmosphere of the town. It's not too big and everyone is crazy about football. That's something I didn't see at the NC schools.

NCK9:: What did you think of the co-eds in Athens?
Joe Cox:: Ohhh (laughing). I think it speaks for itself. Some lovely girls down there!

FredGoDeep:: Joe tell us about yourself off the field, girlfriend, hobbies, fav music, movie.
Joe Cox:: I do have a GF. I'm a big fisherman. I was just at the Bassmasters Classic expo up here. I like to play cards and play pool. I listen to all types of music. Mainly country and rap. I like comedy movies mostly.

okidog:: Joe did you ever answer you current Ht/Wt?
Joe Cox:: I'm 6'1 195'

Boehmdawg:: How many TDs do you think you'll throw to MM this year?
Joe Cox:: As many as the defense allows me to. Anytime they give me Mohamed, Im going to go to him

AlDog:: What will your major be in college?
Joe Cox:: I'm not sure. I'm really into Architecture though

bhdawg:: 40 time
Joe Cox:: I ran a 4.65

thedogfather:: Do you have any younger siblings who might follow in your footsteps, Joe?
Joe Cox:: I have a brother and a sister and they're both older than me

NVaDawg:: Has he ever played any other position
Joe Cox:: Back when I was little I played some nose guard and linebacker. Not since then though (laughing)

bhdawg:: Joe, what profession is your dad in
Joe Cox:: My dad is an entrepreneur. He has his own small business

pater15:: joe, how did Johnathan Garner look?
Joe Cox:: Garner looked pretty good out there.

dawgfan34:: What did you think of Ryan P out of LA??
Joe Cox:: Perrilloux has a crazy strong arm. I think he got tired a few of the days

Joe Cox:: Im real excited to be a Dawg and Im ready to get to work! See you guys soon!

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