Update 2002: Antonio Shippy

His team has won several South Carolina state titles recently, but Antonio Shippy's stock seems to have fallen recently.

"Right now I have no offers. Georgia, South Carolina, and many others were calling before the season, but now that has cooled off a lot."

South Carolina, The Citadel, Middle Tennessee, and others have shown interest in Shippy as of late, but he has not heard form Georgia in some time.

"South Carolina is my leader."

I don't think that Georgia is after Shippy at all anymore. But he made it clear to me that he would be interested in both Carolina and Georgia if they offered him. He was also clear in that he did not want to go to Citadel.

"Georgia and South Carolina are recruiting a lot of the juniors on our team, but they both have slowed down on the three seniors on this team (Union High)."

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