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Kyle Moore is one of the most sought after DL's in the south and he has 25 scholarship offers to back it up. Who's still in contention for his signature?

"I like Georgia, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, Maryland and Auburn. I'm wide open right now," Kyle Moore said.

What does he like about each of those schools?

Georgia: "I get much love from them. I get stuff sent from all their coaches."

Michigan: "They've been good for a lot of years and they have a good bio engineering school."

Florida: "It's real crunk down there. I talked to Coach Bish and I like him."

Florida State: "When I went to camp down there in 10th grade I liked what I saw. I like Coach Allen too."

Maryland: "They send me letters all the time and they have been good in the ACC lately."

Auburn: "They have a good defense and history with defense."

Kyle is still looking for a few specific things in the school of his choice.

"I want a stable coaching staff first of all. I'm also looking at the surroundings and I don't want to go to any place that's real boring. I want a place with stuff to do."

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