Update 2002: Michael Cooper

Many in the Augusta area consider him the best kept secret in Georgia, but Michael Cooper is a down to Earth well spoken young man that is willing to "wait and learn the system" rather than worrying about playing early at the school that he chooses.

Screven County is still rolling through the playoffs, and Michael Cooper is leading them. He has offers from almost every school surrounding the state of Georgia but says that he has narrowed it down to Georgia, Maryland, LSU, and Penn State.

"I have visited LSU and I have been to Georgia too, but not officially. I am going to wait until January to go to Penn State and Maryland."

I asked if he was surprised at the success that Maryland has had this season he said no.

"If you look at the kids that they have recruited and singed in the last few seasons, they have a lot of good players. I think that you could see it coming."

Then I asked about the running back situation at Georgia and the fact that Musa Smith is going to be at Georgia for two more seasons and he had a very humble response.

"It is not a big deal to me to play right away. I want to fit in. I want to learn the system and then play. I don't mind not playing early but if they ask me to play I will be ready."

Coach Garner is recruiting him for Georgia. Cooper also talks with Coach Richt and Coach Fabris. He said this about Fabris:

"He is a cool guy. He shoots it to me straight. I am comfortable with him."


He was very well spoken and any one that has ever seen him live or on film knows that he can most certainly tote the rock. He said that Tiger Stadium at LSU had an "electric feel to it." It seems that LSU is going to be the major competition along with Maryland. He has not named a leader and says that he is open; he is not leaning to any school right now. He is not interested at all in South Carolina. But he did unofficially visit Athens for the South Carolina – Georgia game. He has rushed the ball 203 times for 2,023 yards and has scored 31 touchdowns. I think that Cooper is Georgia's to lose.

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