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Greene and Pollack on cover of new DAWG POST

David Greene and David Pollack are on the cover of next month's DAWG POST Magazine. DAWG POST can be picked up on newsstands or you may subscribe to it. <p>If you are a monthly Dawg Post subscriber upgrade to the annual package. It saves you $20 each year, and as a bonus, you get each month's DAWG POST delivered to your door (a $49.50 value) for free. Why wait? (<a href="https://secure.theinsiders.com/store/view.aspx?s=135&amp;p=6"> <b>Order or Upgrade Here </b> </a>).<o:p></o:p></p>

This month's DAWG POST has features on David Greene and David Pollack, Odell Thurman, Thomas Davis, Kregg Lumpkin, Fred Gibson, DeMario Minter, Derrick White, Nick Jones, Andy Bailey, Bill Curry, and Gordon Ely-Kelso. There is also a short feature on what it takes to be a walk on at Georgia.

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