Star Guards Still Solid?

Following their commitment to the University of Georgia, <b>Mike Mercer and Louis Williams</b> continually said the main thing that could make them change their minds would be the potential sanctions that the NCAA would lay on the program. Well, with the probation and scholarship losses being handed down earlier this month, did it make an impact?

"No," in the simple word of Mike Mercer, Jr. himself. "We (he and Louis Williams) just came back from Athens actually."

With the hectic summer AAU schedule, Mercer is glad to finally be home and resting with his family and friends again. But the relaxation won't last too long, as high school practice begins in October, with the season starting up in December.

Should Louis Williams decide to enroll at UGA, and Mercer said he's "pretty sure (Williams) is going to go to at least two years of college," the recent NCAA sanctions would leave the program with only one remaining scholarship to offer.

So who would Dennis Felton like most to fill the slot?

According to Mercer, that person is New Jersey big man Andrew Bynum. Bynum will make his official visit to Athens along with Mercer, Jr. and Williams on the weekend of October 2.

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