08 30 2004 News and Notes

ATHENS – Just before the heavens opened, lightning ran Georgia off the field Monday night.

"It got close enough to where we had to stop practice," said Mark Richt of the storm. "It would have been nice to finish practice in our indoor facility," joked Richt.

The Bulldogs play host to Georgia Southern this Saturday. Richt updated the press with the status of Tyson Browning and Brannan Southerland. Browning, he said, would be back at full speed tomorrow, but that Southerland is day to day and could remain in a green non-contact jersey tomorrow.

Neil Callaway told the press earlier in the day that freshman Chester Adams has moved into the second team offensive line. Adams backs up Daniel Inman currently, and Richt said he was "a little bit surprised" by Adams' move up the depth chart.

"He is very talented, but it's hard for freshman to come in and play. By midseason he will be fully ready," said Richt.

Richt explained further: "It would be beautiful to have ten offensive lineman ready to play. We are trying to get there."

Other news and notes:

Thomas Brown said earlier in the day that he was on the number one kickoff return team, but Richt clarified the situation. "He went first the other day," said Richt. "But we want to see what Thomas can do. We already know what Fred (Gibson) can do," Richt said noting that Brown might be in a rotation of kickoff returners along with Gibson, Bryan McClendon, and others.


Richt said the kicking game can give or take away points. "I think if you, as an offense, don't get it in the end zone then you deserve what you get."

Richt's Bulldogs struggled last season to score touchdown, particularly in the red zone. But Richt said the kicking game, in general, should be improved this year. "I think we will be better on special teams this year compared to last year."


"The players are really excited this week," said Richt. The head coach noted the team inevitably loses tenacity during the difficult month of fall camp. But Richt pointed out this week's energy during practice.


DON'T WANT TO SEE SHOCK – Richt admits kickers are a different breed. That's why he says the kickers would much rather see Lee Jackson holding the ball rather than backup quarterback D.J. Shockley.

"Who knows, they might not like the way he turns the ball before the kick," said Richt of the quirkiness of kickers in general. Richt praised Jackson's abilities as a holder. Jackson will also start at punter this week due to Gordon Ely-Kelso's one game suspension.


GREEN GOING AWAY – There are many fewer non-contact jerseys this week compared to the start of fall camp. Georgia struggled with injuries last season. It appeared that only Southerland and Browning are practicing with green non-contact jerseys.

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