Golston: Dealing with option could be difficult

ATHENS – Preparing for the Georgia Southern rushing attack is something Georgia knew it would be shackled with during the preseason.

Kedric Golston, Georgia's starting defensive tackle, said that while Georgia has tried to focus on fundamentals during most of fall camp, they have been forced to approach the Georgia Southern game differently.

"I think you have to do things different preparing for Georgia Southern. They have been teaching us to do things one way, but for Georgia Southern we have to go in a different way. They pose a different challenge for us," Golston said.

He knows the Eagles will be gunning for an upset win, and he said the Bulldogs must be up to the challenge. Georgia is ranked 3rd and 4th in this week's national polls.

"Georgia Southern has a great winning tradition; they have won several national championships in the last ten years. You know they expect to win. We have to come out ready to play and let everything else take care of itself," he said. "This is one of their biggest games of the year; they are playing in front of 90,000 and it's on TV. I don't think we can take them for granted."

"The way that Georgia Southern (runs the option) – they play on your legs a lot. At this level you don't see that too much. Everyone is just as big and strong as we are, but they have some smaller linemen. They are just as good, I just think that is the way they coach their offensive line," Golston said. Southern's offensive line focuses on speed and mobility rather than strength.

The Eagles have been one of the top running teams in Division I-AA since their program began in the mid 1980s. Golston said his defense, which prides itself on stopping the run, will have to slow down Eagle running back Jermaine Austin. Austin is Georgia Southern's Walter Peyton Award candidate this season.

"We've had a great run defense the last two years and it's going to be a challenge limiting their yards. They have a great running back now; some say he is better than Adrian Peterson. Hopefully we can limit him," Golston said.

"They run it a lot; they'll probably get a first down here and there," Golston joked. "We have to do what we have been coached to do and hopefully they won't get too many yards on us."

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