Georgia 48 - Georgia Southern 28: Scoring

ATHENS - Georgia drops Georgia Southern 48-28. Here's how they scored.

First quarter

Georgia Southern dominated the clock (11:44 time of possession), but Georgia got the only score of the first 15 minutes. The Eagles ran 24 offensive plays and scored no points. The Bulldogs scored seven points on their only possession of the quarter, an eight-play scoring drive.

Key stat: Georgia Southern outgained the Bulldogs 82 to 68


G: Danny Ware 10 run, 4:32 (Andy Bailey kick). Drive: 8 plays, 68 yards, 3:16. Key play: Fred Gibson 7 pass from David Greene to convert only third down of drive.

Score: Georgia 7-0

Second quarter

The Eagles tied the score at 7-7 and continued to dominate the clock. Southern had a chance to go into halftime down just 10-7, but Mike Sewak chose to throw from his 33-yard line with less than 1:30 left in the half. David Pollack forced a Chaz Williams sacked that let Georgia add a late field goal.

Key stat: The Eagles had a 9:29 scoring drive, which was more than 2:30 longer than any scoring drive the Bulldogs had in 2003.


GSU: Brandon Andrews 1 run, 10:03 (Jonathan Dudley kick). Drive: 19 plays, 80 yards, 9:29. Key play: Chaz Williams 10 run to convert 3rd-and-6 on 11th play of drive.

G: Andy Bailey 21 field goal. Drive: 7 plays, 49 yards, 3:40. Key play: Martrez Milner 27 pass from Greene.

G: Bailey 31 field goal. Drive: 5 plays, 7 yards, 1:07. Key play: Gibson 12 pass from Greene.

Score: Georgia 13-7

Third quarter

Georgia's defense continued to bend under Southern's relentless ground game, but the Bulldogs' offense and special teams made up for it. Georgia got touchdowns from four different players to end the Eagles' upset hopes.

Key stat: Fred Gibson caught two passes for 77 yard, more than he had in 10 games last season.


G: Ware 3 run, 12:05 (Bailey kick). Drive: 7 plays, 65 yards, 2:55. Key play: Reggie Brown 23 pass from Greene.

Georgia: Tyson Browning 72 punt return, 10:49 (Bailey kick).

GSU: Lynon Jefferson 22 pass from Trey Hunter, 4:44 (Dudley kick). Drive: 12 plays, 80 yards, 6:05. Key play: Hunter 2 run to convert 4th-and-1 on 6th play.

G: Thomas Brown 3 run, 2:18 (Bailey kick). Drive: 7 plays, 76 yards, 2:26. Key play: Fred Gibson 49 pass from Shockley.

G: Reggie Brown 42 pass from Greene, :53 (Bailey kick). Drive: 3 plays, 44 yards, 1:06. Key play: Thomas Davis interception that set up drive at GSU 44.

Score: Georgia 41-14

Fourth Quarter

Georgia tried to go to its backups in the fourth quarter but Southern scored 14 points to pull within 13 at one point. "Before you know it, if they get an onside kick, we're in trouble," Georgia coach Mark Richt said. The Bulldogs went back to their starters for the final two series and scored another touchdown.

Key stat: Danny Ware had 62 rushing yards in the final 15 minutes to total 135 for the game.


GSU: Trey Hunter 2 run, 5:34 (Dudley kick). Drive 6 plays, 53 yards, 2:37. Key play: Jefferson 24 run to Georgia 2-yard line.

GSU: Tim Gehrsitz 25 run, 3:27 (Dudley kick). Drive: 4 plays, 52 yards, 1:03. Key play: Hunter 16 run on quarterback keeper.

G: Ware 1 run, :52 (Bailey kick). Drive: 7 plays, 69 yards, 2:35. Key play: Ware 27 run.

Score: Georgia 48-28

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