Scouting the SEC: Georgia

A team that's come "oh so close" the past two seasons, Georgia may be ready to take the next step. Loaded with talent, it is a program that has NFL scouts very excited as the rosters possesses at least seven draft eligible prospects who already grade out as first day picks.

The offense is loaded with solid talent from the senior ranks.  Quarterback David Greene does not have the big NFL-arm yet possesses the skills to develop into a starting passer at the next level.  Throwing with solid mechanics, Greene is outstanding with the ball fakes and displays good field vision.  Finding the open wide out on the field, he is patient in the pocket and throws a catchable passes.  Displaying zip on intermediate range throws, Greene is accurate between the numbers and passes with a sense of timing.  Not elusive, he has difficulty avoiding the rush and loses a lot throwing on the run.  Yet while he lacks the great upside, Greene will be very effective at the next level if placed in the proper system.  One of his favorite targets, receiver Reggie Brown, could well be a hidden gem at his position.  Solid in most all aspects of his game, Brown gets vertical and adjusts to make the difficult reception, extending or laying out in a crowd to grab the ball.  A fine athlete, he is a solid route runner that quickly transitions from making the catch the running after the reception.  While he must do a better job becoming the hot receiver on blitzes, Brown has the potential to be a productive third receiver at the next level.  After a tremendous freshman year the play of Georgia's other receiver has seemingly slid. When on his game Fred Gibson is both a game controlling and game breaking receiver yet injuries and a lack of concentration have hampered him the past two seasons.  Natural in all aspects of his game, Gibson is a smooth receiver with top route running skills as well as eye/hand coordination.  Not always on the same page as his quarterback, he loses focus which leads to a lot of dropped passes and then there is the issue of nagging injuries which have shelved him in the past.  Gibson needs a big senior season in which he remains healthy the entire year, then most impress NFL scouts in post season interviews to be a top 75 pick next April.  Fullback Jeremy Thomas is a tough, aggressive lead blocker who opens holes for the ball carrier.  Taking opposing linebackers out of the action he displays excellent blocking vision and is a solid short yardage runner.  Not agile or speedy, Thomas has difficulty in anything other than a straight line and is not an offensive threat handling the ball yet is a throwback lead blocker who can play at the next level.  Junior tackle Max Jean- Giles possesses excellent size as well as underlying skills to be a solid guard prospect in the future.  

Defensively Georgia has three star prospects with several solid role players hanging in the wings.  End David Pollack is a relentless pass rusher who plays much larger than his measurables and goes very hard until the whistle blows.  Pollack does an outstanding job playing with leverage and displays outstanding techniques with the ability to wedge between double teams then quickly bounce it to the outside and beat opposing blockers.  Explosive, he immediately alters his angle of attack then changes direction to pursue the play laterally and catches the ball carriers from behind.  While he is a total defender, a lack of size causes Pollack to be engulfed by larger opponents and that will move him out of the initial five picks in next April's draft.  Regardless, if put in the right defensive scheme Polack will be a productive NFL player.  Tackle Gerald Anderson is a big inside plugger who takes a lot of room and works to play low with leverage.  A load in the middle, Anderson works his hands well to keep opponents off him.  Still a bit raw and only a junior, Anderson possesses good upside for the next level.  In a similar fashion linebacker Odell Thurman is an explosive defender that does a solid job reading then diagnosing the action.  Flashing on the scene, Thurman possesses suddenness and is a hard-hitting defender that packs a wallop at the point.  Also displaying good range, he gets depth on pass drops and has the ability to make plays sideline-to- sideline.  With exceptional playing speed, Thurman runs well to the ball.  Though only a junior he already grades out highly for the next level.  Another underclassman we have high hopes for is safety Thomas Davis.  Active and aggressive, he is also an outstanding special teams player that goes hard until the whistle blows.  Immediately diagnosing the action from center field, Davis displays a good head for the ball as well as solid sideline- to- sideline range.  He is effective defending both the run and pass which presently puts him towards the top of the safety list for eligible underclassman.  Cornerback Tim Jennings, yet another underclassmen, is a tough run defender who moves to the sidelines with speed and shows explosive footwork going in reverse.  Jennings has solid cover skills and is one to keep an eye on.

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