Offers and Phone Calls Coming In

Decatur's, <b>Corey Moon</b> has offers and phone calls coming in daily it seems. He has received phone calls from "so many teams" across the country. This athletic defensive lineman also has numerous new scholarship offers too. Who are the latest teams to offer, who has called and who does Mr. Moon name as his favorite?

"My latest offers have come from teams like Purdue, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Northwestern and a few more I can't recall off the top of my head," said Corey Moon.

"I am up to around twenty offers now."

Now that the College Coaches can call the prospects, Moon's phone has been ringing off the hook…who are some of the teams he remembers talking to?

"Ole Miss, Tulane, Georgia, Oklahoma, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida State, North Carolina State are some I can remember talking to. Every time I get on the phone with one coach, another one beeps in."

With all the new offers and phone calls, has Corey Moon's favorites changed?

"Not really, Georgia is still my leader and they are followed by Florida, Tennessee and Auburn."

"I am also looking at Duke, Florida State and Ole Miss."

"I plan to take in games at Auburn and Georgia for sure and I don't really know after that."

Moon knows he will visit Georgia and Auburn for official visits, but after that, he is not certain. He does plan to take all five visits before making his decision.

Moon has five sacks this year and around 8 tackles for loss. He said, "teams continue to run away from me." Even though teams run away from him, he came away with three sacks on 2003 All-State quarterback, Tyler Horne of Newnan High School last Friday in a 7-0 loss. will keep you up to date with all the latest on Mr. Corey Moon.

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