Florida Star with a Top 3?

Dorian Munroe is absolutely one of the top DB/WR prospects in the south and he has a trail of offers to prove it. Who's in the best position to land the highly prized recruit?

"I'm still really wide open but I know 3 of the 5 schools who will be there at the end and get official visits. Those schools are Georgia, North Carolina State and Florida State. They're all even right now," Dorian Munroe said.

What does Dorian like about those 3 teams?

Georgia: "I like their coaching staff. Martinez and Richt are great. I love them already and I haven't even met the whole staff yet."

N.C. State: "A lot of Florida guys succeed up there. Kids from right around the corner from me have gone up there and balled out."

Florida State: "I just enjoyed their camp. Coach Andrews and Coach Colzie are real nice. I went to their game against Miami but I was going for both teams and my favorite players on both teams."

Will Munroe be attending any other games this season?

"Our coach really doesn't want us traveling out of state to any games during the season, but I'd like to go to a couple if I can."

What is Munroe looking for most in a school?

"The most important thing is the environment. I want a place where I can fit in for the next 4 or 5 years and be happy on the field and off the field.

The South Florida star says that some schools are now recruiting him as a wide receiver as well due to his success catching the football so far this year. He grabbed the game winner in their opening contest.

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