Bowl Media Day Press Conference

The following are quotes from Head Coach Mark Richt and a few Georgia players during Monday's press conference.

General Comments:
"We are in the process of getting ready for Boston College. We had a really good practice this morning. We went ahead and scrimmaged in some live situations. The enthusiasm was outstanding. The effort was great. There were plays being made on both sides of the ball. I just hope we can generate that much enthusiasm when we play the ballgame, because they really wanted to beat the other side of the ball in our offense vs. defense. There was really good competition today, real spirited. It is going to be tough to keep that kind of enthusiasm up through all of our practices, especially since we are having two-a-day (practices) today and tomorrow. I was really pleased with how it went today and the attitude of the players."

On Georgia's bowl game opponent Boston College:
"Boston College is an outstanding football team. After looking at the film, I was not too thrilled to see how good that they were. The first game I flipped on was the Miami game. Miami struggled offensively the entire game. They had to settle for four field goals and turned the ball over four or five times. Boston College did a great job of keeping a great offensive team in check. They have done that quite a bit all year. They lost a couple ball games, but they games they lost were to outstanding teams.

"Offensively they have William Green, who is one of the best running backs in the nation. Brian St. Pierre, their quarterback, is outstanding and they have receivers that can make plays. Their offensive line has done a great job providing space for Green and time for St. Pierre to throw the ball. It is going to be a great challenge. I have not had a chance to look at their kicking game, but I am sure they are outstanding because Coach (Tom) O'Brien does a great job coaching the fundamentals of football. I am sure they will be strong there too."

On team's reaction on not playing in a New Year's Day bowl:
"I was not really around the players when the news came out. I was talking to Coach (Dave) Van Halanger, and of course he is as positive a guy as you are going to get as far as motivating to work. I don't know if they were disappointed or not to play on New Year's Day, but I think they were a little surprised. As soon as you look at the tape (of Boston College), I think everyone realizes that we are going to have a heck of a ball game."

On the team being healthy:
"(Jon) Stinchcomb is not back yet, but we expect him to be back. Tim Wansley is out, but everyone else is in pretty good shape. Musa (Smith) looked very good. I don't know if he is full speed, but he looked a lot closer to full speed than he has in a while."

On Verron Haynes starting:
"Verron is going to start at tailback, there1s no doubt. Musa will be the first guy to get in the game. We want to keep Verron fresh. He has proved to be the best back this year. He has proved to be able to handle a lot of carries."

Overall thoughts on first season:
"It was a good year. I think there was a good foundation built. I think the seniors did a good job of leading the way. Our players are getting used to me and the staff, how we want to work, how we like to practice and what we expect out of the classroom. So many things were established. We are sound and building on a solid foundation. I think our players1 expectation level is very high and I want it to be."

On the balance of Boston College's offense:
"They have a great running game, and St. Pierre throws the ball really well. They will use a lot of three wide-receiver sets and try to spread you out. They will get you into one-on-one situations for sure because they have such a strong running game. They are going to be a tough team to defend."

David Greene, RFr., QB
"Everybody's excited right now about playing. For the seniors, it's their last time playing with this team. We need to send those guys out with a win."

"We're excited about Boston College. They tackle really well. They play a lot of zone coverage and don't really give up the big play. I think if we execute we can give them a good game."

Jermaine Phillips, Sr., ROV
"At first, everyone was disappointed. Ole Miss is 7-4 and staying at home, what would they give to be in our shoes? I think we're going to be ready."

"We know we're there on business. There's time to have fun, but our main objective there is to win the game."

"Boston College has a good running back. Our tackling will be key. We have to play solid and stay within our schemes and everything will work out for us."

Tony Gilbert, Jr., LB
"As soon as we turned on the film and saw how good Boston College was, we knew we had to get back to work. They have one of the best running backs in the nation. They have a good quarterback. We have to try to contain their offense."

Will Witherspoon, Sr., LB
"We play a good team (in Boston College). They played tough against a lot of great teams. We've got to go out prepared to play."

"We're going to have to play sound defense and tackle well. They have a potent offense and a great running back."

Curt McGill, Sr., C
"They (Boston College) have a great running back, a good offensive line and a good defensive line. We have to go out and prepare like we do every week. They run a lot of different looks on defense. We've got to play a good game."

Verron Haynes, Sr., RB
"I've said this previously- true champions don't need an excuse to get up for a game. We need to just go out and get the job done."

"It's always a privilege to play in a bowl game. The first thing is to go out and take care of business and have some fun as well."

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