Big play chances might actually increase vs. LSU

ATHENS – Georgia is not getting the big play, and they want that to change – soon.

The Bulldogs, loaded on the offensive side of the ball, have not been able to take advantage of their firepower. Georgia's offense is averaging only 16.5 points per game in its last two outings. But the Dawgs have been saddled with injuries at running back and teams are not allowing too many deep balls to be thrown because of their coverage.

Mark Richt warned the media earlier in the season that even though it appeared the Bulldogs were full of depth at tailback the tables could change. The steady rotation due to injuries at tailback has left the Bulldogs with one less weapon to attack opposing defenses.

"Football is just such a physical game," said Richt of at least four tailbacks missing game time since fall camp started in August. "You can see that you can get into trouble quickly."

The only running back not to miss time this fall is Tyson Browning, and he has struggled to hold on to the ball.

Danny Ware returns this week to full contact practice for the first time since before the South Carolina game. He and true freshman Thomas Brown will carry the bulk of the running load this week against the Tigers. Tony Milton is the third string running back this week.

LSU's secondary coverage is different than Georgia's previous three opponents. The Tigers play man-to-man so Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown could get lots of opportunities to make big plays.

"It will be fun for them to get a chance to see what they can do against the single coverage – that's the good news. The bad news is who the corners are," said Richt of LSU's talented Corey Webster and Travis Daniels.

Also making matters more difficult for the Bulldogs, LSU also got to David Greene early and often last season. That's one reason Milton is the number three back going into this game. But Richt says his offensive line is "much better" than it was last season against the Tigers, and that could give Greene, Ware, Brown, and Gibson enough time to get the Dawgs' offense rolling again.

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