Ware back for big one

ATHENS – Going into the biggest game of the 2004 season, so far, Georgia has all of its players back healthy. LSU has the number one rushing defense in the SEC, and that's reason enough for Mark Richt to be happy Danny Ware is returning to the line up.

Ware was knocked out of the South Carolina game in early September when he suffered a bruised lung. He tried to play through the pain of the injury, but after coughing up blood on the Georgia sideline he was not allowed to go.

Since then Georgia has successfully run the ball without Ware, but no one Bulldog running back has had a 100-yard game.

"I'm glad to have Danny back," said Richt. "He looks good." Ware has not participated in contact drills in practice until this week due to his injury.

Danny Ware will not only be expected to run the ball against the Tigers, a task that seems difficult enough to start with, but he will also have to effectively protect quarterback David Greene. It's something that didn't happen against the Tigers last season in either meeting.

"He will have to know blitz protection with the way they bring the house," said Greene. LSU uses man to man coverage with its cornerbacks to free up their safeties for blitzes. The Tigers lead the SEC in sacks with 11 this season; Georgia has allowed only four – a tremendous improvement over last season.

"They bring so much heat, sometimes everybody. But if we go out and execute, even with them bringing everybody, we'll have a nice game," said Ware. "We know that protecting (Greene) is important; that's been stressed to us. They come from all different angles."

But Ware says he is up to the challenge of running as well as providing pass protection against the Tigers. In fact, he can't wait for the opportunity.

"I like having thing put on my shoulders, and I like the fact that this team respects me enough to put things on my shoulders. To rely on be in third down or to run the ball when LSU does not allow a lot of rushing touchdowns, that helps me even more to know my team is behind me all the way," he said.

Ware looked extremely effective against Georgia Southern and against South Carolina before his injury. It's not the first injury he has been forced to deal with in his career.

"I've been injured before and I have come back from them," said Ware.

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