"It's a Real College Town."

<b>Dorian Munroe</b> is one of the top defensive backs in the country. He is a Top 10 safety prospect by TheInsiders.com, and he took an official visit to Georgia this weekend and came away impressed with the entire trip. He talks more about it inside.

"I got up there Friday night around 8:00," said the Miami native Dorian Munroe. "I flew into Atlanta at 7:00, and we stopped at the Varsity. So I guess I got to my hotel around 8:30."

Munroe spent his first night with two of Georgia's young defensive backs.

"We went out downtown, once I got to the Hotel. I went with Ramarcus Brown and Antonio Sims; they're cool guys. They're both freshmen that are redshirting. I had a great time with them. They told me a lot about the University, and they told me about how their official visits went."

After an evening on the town, the meat and potatoes of Munroe's visit began Saturday morning.

"First I woke up and had breakfast with the coaches; then I went to the Student Center and saw some of the academics. From there I went and  watched the highlight film in the locker room, and got to watch the team go through pre-game. Then there was the Dawg Walk. That was exciting; just the atmosphere gave you goose bumps. It was like 30,000 people there. They treat the football players like God's gift to Earth up there."

How did he feel the about outcome of the game?

"My trip wouldn't have turned out too good if they had lost. Everyone would have been down. Everyone was real excited. Well a lot of LSU fans were down (laughs)."

Munroe got to spend the evening with one deliriously happy group of Bulldogs after the game.

"We went back to the hotel and out to Outback. I've never had so much food at one point in time," added Munroe with a laugh. "I had dinner with the coaches and players and went back downtown again with all the players again. We had a good time."

Munroe finished his official visit this morning with a lengthy conversation with the Georgia coaching staff.

"I had a conference with Coach Richt for about an hour.  Then I talked with Coach VanGorder for about a half  hour."

What was Munroe's overall impression of his visit to Georgia?

"It was real exciting. Everyone is real enthusiastic about college football there. It's a real college town. I'd heard it was a great town. When you watch Gameday you wonder if it's really like that, and it really was like that. People eat, sleep, and drink football there. It was like they were tailgating in RV's on Thursday night."

Was Munroe tempted to jump on board?

"I was about to commit, but it was my first visit, and I can't just commit on my first visit. I want to see some other schools and see what they have to offer first. Florida, Florida State, NC State, and Auburn will be the other schools I'm going to visit. I haven't set them up yet though. Everyone is pretty much even right now. I want to get a look at everyone first."

First impressions can be strong ones, and Georgia made a definite impression on the Miami standout.

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