Big Duke Back in Athens

Duke Robinson was having a hard time deciding where he wanted to go this past weekend. He couldn't make up his mind between the Miami/Georgia Tech and LSU/Georgia games. He finally made up his mind and attended one of these games.

"I finally decided to go to Georgia for the LSU game," said Duke Robinson.

"It was really a tough decision. I thought about both games all week, but I just went to Georgia."

What were his thoughts on Athens Saturday?

"Georgia just held it down. They put it on LSU from the start. The crowd was crazy and I have been there numerous times, but that was the loudest it has ever been. It was a great atmosphere. I got to talk to Coach Richt before the game and he is just a great guy. Very humble, laid back and just pretty cool."

Does Georgia remain Robinson's leader?

"Yes sir, they are still in the lead, but Oklahoma is right there behind them. It is really those two at the top right now with Georgia holding the slight edge. Oklahoma has been on since early on in my junior season and they are recruiting me very hard. I am looking to be out there for their last game of the year against Nebraska."

Florida, Auburn and Alabama round out Robinson's top five.

Robinson is not sure about this weekend yet, but is leaning towards heading back to Athens for the Georgia / Tennessee game.

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