Right on time: Greene shines

ATHENS – Georgia football fans had waited ten agonizing months for another chance at LSU. So had David Greene.

Senior Bulldog quarterback David Greene found redemption last Saturday against defending co-national champions Louisiana State University. Greene marked his place in Georgia football history Saturday by completing five touchdown passes – the most ever by a Bulldog in a single game.

"David Greene has meant so much to this program," said head coach Mark Richt. "To have him have a record breaking day against a great football team on national TV, I am just glad for him."

Not only did Greene throw five touchdown passes, but he also tied John Rauch as the winningest Bulldog quarterback with 36 wins and 8 losses.

But there is no rest for the Snellville, GA native. He and his Bulldogs face Tennessee this Saturday.

"People always judge you on your last performance," said Greene. "They don't understand that a season is like a marathon."

There are worse things than being judged on a five touchdown game.

Although Greene has struggled occasionally in the past, he is always there to make the big play when it counts – Auburn in 2002 and LSU in 2004 to name a couple.

"He doesn't show frustration," said Greene's teammate and roommate, senior defensive end David Pollack. "He just keeps plugging away at what he has to do. That's what winners do; that's what the great ones do."

In fact, one team in particular has been dominated by Greene for the past three seasons.

"He is a really fine football player and we have our hands full with him," said Tennessee head football coach Phillip Fulmer.

If by hands full, Fulmer means 65-for-98 for 763 yards, including 4 touchdown passes – then yes, Greene has owned Tennessee. Greene began causing trouble for the Volunteers in 2001 when he was 21-for-34 for 303 yards and two touchdown passes. Greene led the Bulldogs to their second of four consecutive wins over the Vols.

"I think it just shows what this program has done for the last three years," said Greene. "I have just been lucky enough to be the guy quarterbacking."

Greene looks to make it five consecutive wins this Saturday for the Bulldog nation and a sweep for his career at Georgia.

"We're going to take this and build on it," said Greene of the Bulldog's 45-16 win over LSU.

And history says the Vols are likely the next brick on the road to Miami.

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