Pollack challenges fans to bring the noise

The Bulldog Nation is being challenged – again. But this time it's not by purple clad Cajuns or the Volunteers from Tennessee. The challenge comes from one of its own golden boys.

David Pollack challenges all of you.

Not to a fight or a Zell Miller-like duel, but to be louder than you were last weekend against LSU.

"Boy, our fans were amazing," said senior defensive end David Pollack after beating LSU. "They were incredible. But I challenge them. I don't think they can do it two weeks in a row. I don't think they can do it for the Tennessee game. If they can match that for the Tennessee game, that's a huge advantage. That's the 12th man."

And Pollack isn't the only Bulldog football player who feels this way.

"Whenever the crowd is into it, it just makes the whole team play that much harder," said junior defensive tackle Kedric Golston. "Tennessee does a lot of things on the line of scrimmage and if the crowd noise could disrupt some of those things, it would help us out. If they can't communicate on offense, then that'll help us out a lot."

If Georgia beats Tennessee, not only will it give the Bulldogs bragging rights in the SEC East, but it will also give the Dogs 18 consecutive home wins, bringing them one step closer to breaking the school record of 24 wins.

When you prepare for battle this Saturday against the Tennessee fans, just remember your boys Pollack and company in the trenches. They don't care whose tailgate you went to or what you're wearing (as long as it's not orange).

They have just one challenge for you: bring the noise.

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