Coming from behind new for Dawgs

ATHENS – Seven days after it seemed Georgia was in the middle of the national title race, the Bulldogs find themselves out of the driver's seat in the SEC East.

Tennessee's 19-14 win over Georgia puts the Vols in first place in the SEC East. Their wins over Georgia and Florida mean that the Vols have their division rivals in the rear view mirror until they lose a game.

"I think they play one ranked team the rest of the season," said Georgia head coach Mark Richt. The Vols still must face Ole Miss, Alabama, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky in SEC play. South Carolina, ranked last week, lost to Ole Miss Saturday.

The Bulldogs still have to play Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, and Auburn. The Gators have Mississippi State, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina. The loser of the Georgia-Florida game will likely be out of the race for good.

"People get beaten," said Georgia defensive lineman Kedric Golston. "But we've got to worry about getting back to the SEC Championship game now. We need Tennessee to lose some games, because they control the East right now."

Last season the Vols lost to Georgia but fought their way back to claim a share of the East after Georgia fell to Florida, who also shared the title. The Gators, Bulldogs, and Vols all ended last season with two losses. This year Florida already has two losses and still must face Georgia, a team they have handled all but once since 1990.

Had the Bulldogs beaten Tennessee they would have had a two game lead over both the Vols and Gators.

"You hate to lose any game, but this one being in the East hurts worse," said Golston. "Now that game against LSU doesn't mean anything, because they're in the West."

Golston admitted it is difficult playing from behind in the standings, something Georgia has not done since 2001.

"Now we need Tennessee to lose some. You never want to put your destiny in someone else's hands," he said.

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