Golston: There's Life After Rocky Top

ATHENS – While emotions ran high in the Bulldog locker room Saturday after the loss to Tennessee, one emotion was the clearest of them all – disappointment.

Not just disappointment over the loss of a game, but disappointment over the potential loss of the season, or at least a chance at the Orange Bowl. The Bulldogs' learned the hard way just how much one Saturday can change a team.

"You hate to lose any game, but this one being in the East hurts worse," said junior Kedric Golston after the Bulldogs' loss to Tennessee. "Now that game against LSU doesn't mean anything, because they're in the West."

In some ways Golston's words ring true. Although Georgia and Tennessee each have one loss, Tennessee controls the SEC East with the Vols' win Saturday. Georgia still has to face #22 Florida and #4 Auburn while Tennessee finishes out its season without a ranked opponent.

"National picture?" repeated head coach Mark Richt at the post-Tennessee press conference. "We can't even get out of our division right now."

But life does go on after Tennessee.

"Just knowing that if we lose this week it's going to be even worse," said Golston at Tuesday's press conference. "We can't worry about Tennessee anymore – they won, good job. We have to worry about Vanderbilt now. I can't be in here next week saying, ‘Oh well, Vanderbilt won.' We can't let that happen; we've just got to get a win."

Four days have passed since Saturday and with the initial sting of defeat subsiding, the Bulldogs are now refocusing their efforts.

"I told them we need to continue to work hard," said Richt. "They need to trust us (the coaches) and do a good job of doing it the way we asked. When it comes to football the only way to really feel better is to get a victory."

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