Ware and Brown rolling

ATHENS – Georgia hadn't had two 100-yard rushers in a single game since 1992. In fact, the Bulldogs went all season last year without a single 100-yard game. Saturday was like a dream come true for three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust fans sitting in Sanford Stadium for Homecoming. Georgia's two freshmen running backs blistered Vanderbilt for a combined 249 yards.

"They ran very well," said Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt of running backs Danny Ware and Thomas Brown. "They didn't run good; I though they ran better than good."

The win over Vanderbilt was Brown's first 100-yard performance of his career; it was Ware's third.

"It makes it a lot easier, especially on the quarterback," said senior David Greene. "When you have good running backs like we do now, and the running game is working, it makes things so much easier."

"There were a lot of broken tackles and a lot of yards after contact. They had probably some of the better decisions they have had all year. They seemed to be getting into the groove," said Richt.

"It kept us fresh," said Ware. "We didn't get too tired. That gave us the opportunity to run the ball and pick up yards. We did what we could – whether it was catching the ball, running the ball or blocking. I love that."

"It felt great," said Brown. "I had two 80-yard games back to back. I was just trying to push on through and get that 100. We're always talking about how we want to run the ball and keep the best offense on balance. It let us know that we can go out and play ball. We can go out and run the ball; we can go out and pass the ball. We do what we have to do to win. It shows that we're a good team. We're not just a one sided team – not just offense or defense. We've got both."

Richt said the two backs excel in toughness. Ware and Brown's toughness, according to Richt, is shown on the practice each Tuesday in something the Bulldogs call "inside drill".

"When we work inside drill it's a very physical two-safeties-in-the-game-with-no-one-to-block-them kind of drill. It never looks really pretty during that drill. You learn a lot about a back and how tough he is when they run it up in there during inside drill. Those guys have no fear," said Richt.

"They'll run it in there and even if nothing's there those two will keep running their feet and get an extra yard. It's not real glamorous, but you see their ability to be physical," he continued.

Richt does have a concern with ball security as is pertains to Ware. The freshman has fumbled several times in the last two games – one cost the Bulldogs momentum during their loss to Tennessee.

"There were some fumbles and ball security with Danny," said Richt. "That's a little concern there – we have to get that straightened out."

When Kregg Lumpkin got hurt in early August no one envisioned Ware and Brown stepping up the way they have so far this season. But Richt knows the two are young and that time is on their side.

"They are only going to get better," he said.

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