Big Georgia DL Back From USC

Georgia DL Kyle Moore was scheduled to head west this past weekend and check out the USC Trojans. He discussed his visit to the defending AP Champion.

"I went out there and it was alright. I liked Los Angeles a lot and the coaches are cool. I'd give it a 9 overall," Kyle Moore said.

Who did he spend most of his time with on his visit?

"Lawrence Johnson number ninety-six was my host. We just chilled out and played some dominoes. We went to this place called ‘row' for a while. It started raining though and in L.A. when it rains, everyone just freaks out like it's a monsoon. I was telling them in Georgia that in rains all the time, and they were all blaming me for bringing it with me," he joked.

Kyle was accompanied by his mother on the visit.

"My mom went out there with me and she liked it a lot. She's a lot more open to me going out there now that she's met the coaches and all."

What does his leader board look like now?

"I like Southern Cal, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee and Michigan. I don't have a leader yet."

The Sooners are next up on his visit list.

"I visit Oklahoma this Saturday. My mom and dad will be going with me this time."

How has Moore's Houston County team done so far this season?

"We lost a big game to Valdosta on Friday night, but we can still make the playoffs. Were 4-3-1 right now and 2-1 in the region. I have 12 sacks and like 56 tackles and 24 assists so far this year."

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