Gibson ready to battle Gators

ATHENS – Georgia's top receivers are starting to come around again. One of them in particular can't wait to get down to Jacksonville for his final shot at the Florida Gators.

Fred Gibson has never been shy when talking about his dislike of the Gators. Right now, it appears the Waycross native is coming into his own – just in time for the Bulldogs' annual trip down south.

"I have been saying this for a while now – when Fred Gibson is healthy he is a very good college football player," said Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt. "He was hurt all last season."

Gibson hasn't been hurt this year and it shows. Saturday night was arguably Gibson's best performance ever. Gibson scored only once, but he caught six passes for a near career high 169 yards. Gibson's 79-yard reception was the longest of his career.

"They played some man at the start of the game and we did a good job of catching them when they were in the man coverage. We had a couple of passes inside the middle on cover two and we took advantages of the situation. Coach Richt did a good job of calling plays. We made it happen," said Gibson of the scoring play. "I have a good coaching staff that tells me what to do and he bit on the first move."

Gibson's touchdown is the 17th of his career making him third in Georgia history in career receiving touchdowns. But Gibson was not aware until after the game of just how big of a day he had.

"How many yards did I have today? 169? Lord have mercy. I'm just happy. David did a good job of getting me the ball and I made the plays," Gibson said.

Just in time, Gibson appears to be ready for the hated Gators; the team he wants to beat desperately.

"We've got the big time Gators and I just want go out with a big bang. This is my last time playing against the Gators and I have to make it happen this week. I live close to Jacksonville and I have to make it happen," Gibson said.

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