Defense will have to deal with bubble screen

ATHENS - For the last several years, the Georgia-Florida game has come to mean something more to Bulldog fans than just Jacksonville and cocktails and losing.

It means having to see the Gators run their bubble screen pass play again and again and again with success against Georgia.

"Two years ago, they killed us with it," linebacker Arnold Harrison said.

The Gators' pass to a receiver on the sideline is basically an extension of their running game, Georgia coach Mark Richt said.

"They do it all the time," he said. "Everybody seems to have trouble with it, not just us. It's a very high percentage play."

The best bet for the Bulldogs is to have the cornerback on that side of the field beat his block and either make the tackle or slow down the play enough to allow help to arrive.

"That's how you hope to defend it, because, if you have to pay too much attention to it, it leaves you vulnerable in other places," Richt said.

His particular concern is getting beat deep off a bubble screen fake. The Gators have taken more shots down the field this year than they did last year, Richt said.

"They're scoring a lot more points, too, I think because of it," he said.

The play is so effective for the Gators because they run it so well, Richt said.

"I wish we could do it as well as they do it," he said. "They do a great job. We don't work at it enough, and they sure do."

WARE BACK IN FLOW: Tailback Danny Ware said he does not, in fact, have a second lung bruise and will be ready to start Saturday against Florida. The team thought Ware's right lung was bruised in the Arkansas game, but it turned out only to be an infection caused by his first lung bruise, which he suffered against South Carolina.

"Everything is back the way it's supposed to be," he said.

Ware will wear an extra pad over his chest during the game.

"He'll probably start," Richt said. "It could be that Thomas (Brown) will start, and Danny will be the next guy."

NO RECORD, AFTER ALL: After further review, defensive end David Pollack has lost a half sack from the Arkansas game, dropping him back into a tie for the school's career record with Richard Tardits at 29 overall. The fourth quarter sack that Pollack originally was given a whole sack for was split between Pollack and DeMario Minter after review by Georgia and Arkansas officials.

"I don't care at all," Pollack said. "Y'all can figure it out. We've got a game to play."

WHITE HAS SPOT: Linebacker Derrick White will remain the starter at strongside linebacker this week, defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder said. Senior Arnold Harrison has played about 10 snaps in each of the last two games. Harrison aggravated his existing shoulder injury on Tuesday but it expected to be OK.

BRYANT OUT: Wide receiver A.J. Bryant, a former Peach County star, will miss his second straight game this week due to a foot injury. Bryant, was hurt against Vanderbilt, is still using one crutch to walk but should be off that by the end of the week.

"We think he's got a great chance to be ready next week (against Kentucky)," Richt said.

JUST DO IT: The Bulldogs won't make drastic changes to their game plan for this week's game against Florida despite their lack of success.

"Not to take the coaching out of it by any means, there have been decisions I could have made better, but by and large we've had guys in position to make plays," he said. "The guys' just have to do it. It's a player's game. That's what I want it to be."

LONG LINES: As part of new security measures taken for the 2004 NFL season, there will be heightened security this weekend at Alltel Stadium, which is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Every person entering the stadium will be patted down at the gates.

The following items aren't allowed to be taken in and will not be stored for fans at the gate: purses or bags larger than 8x11 inches, cameras with lenses longer than six inches, binocular or camera cases, coolers or containers, strollers, umbrellas, pets (expect special service), food or drinks, seat cushions, audio or video recorders, and weapons.

Alltel Stadium will host the Super Bowl in February.

QUOTABLE: "There isn't really anything we can say because they've been owning us." -- Georgia safety Thomas Davis on Georgia's lack of trash talk during the Florida game.

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