Southern Football Predictions

Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. Auburn – game against Ole Miss is an easy one – or should be. Then the Tigers get a week off before their annual showdown with Georgia.

2. Miami – A much improved effort against NC State means the Hurricanes are safely undefeated, for now. (Virginia Tech looming)

3. Tennessee – Is playing in Columbia a trap? Tennessee is the better team and should win. However, if the Vols continue to play close games like they have been all season, they will give the Gamecocks a chance to upset them in Williams-Brice.

4. Georgia – No more excuses – just beat Florida.

5. Florida State – Another close game in the ACC. Florida State is a little overrated, but no one can seem to top them in the weak ACC.

6. LSU – Tigers will destroy Vandy. Their bowl chances are getting better.

7. Virginia – Off week for Virginia after beating Duke; Maryland is next.

8. Virginia Tech – A quiet year could be a solid one for the Hokies.

9. North Carolina State – Not even close to the level of Miami.

10. Alabama – Another close loss to Tennessee does not help Bama's bowl outlook.

11. Arkansas – An off week for the Hogs comes at a good time.

12. Wake Forest – Close is no longer good enough. Wake had FSU on the ropes the entire game. Win for once.

13. Florida – Zook is fired – Florida suffers perhaps the most embarrassing loss of its history: Ah, Georgia just in time to make things better for the Gators, who always seem to win in Jacksonville.

14. Georgia Tech – A Thursday night match up of the Tech schools. Georgia Tech's schedule really picks up soon.

15. Clemson – Win over Maryland was big. Game with NC State is bigger.

16. South Carolina – This week is the Gamecocks' chance to get themselves back in the race for the East. Vegas says their game with Tennessee is a pick ‘em.

17. Ole Miss – Eli made it a tight game last year. The Rebels have played some good teams close. Auburn should win.

18. Mississippi State – No one, and I mean no one saw State's win coming. Covering the spread – sure. But beating the Gators? Wow.

19. North Carolina – Miami awaits.

20. Maryland – Last minute loss to Clemson really hurts bowl chances for Turtles.

21. Vanderbilt – Vandy stands no chance against LSU.

22. Kentucky – Loss to State could send the Cats to the bottom of this list.

23. Duke – Now the worst team in the South.

This week's games:

NOTE: these are Sunday lines; some may have moved

Auburn (-17.5) at Ole Miss
Winner straight up – Auburn
Winner with points – Auburn
Comment – Auburn should win an easy one.


Florida (+6.5) at Georgia (in Jacksonville)
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – Georgia
Comment – No excuses this year: Georgia should win.


Kentucky (+3) at Mississippi State
Winner straight up – Mississippi State
Winner with points – Mississippi State
Comment – State looks solid right now – will that stay the same?


Vanderbilt (+24.5) at LSU
Winner straight up – LSU
Winner with points – LSU
Comment – LSU will roll.


Tennessee (-1) at South Carolina
Winner straight up – Tennessee
Winner with points – Tennessee
Comment – Vols won't do Georgia any favors.


Virginia Tech (-5) at Georgia Tech
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – Everyone has forgotten about Virginia Tech – that's a good thing. They play better under the radar.


NC State (-1) at Clemson
Winner straight up – NC State
Winner with points – NC State
Comment – This game could go either way. Clemson might be picking up steam again.


Duke (+18.5) at Wake Forest
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – Duke
Comment – Wake is much better than Duke, but struggles during games at times. Duke should be able to keep the final margin under 18 points.


FSU (-11) at Maryland
Winner straight up – FSU
Winner with points – FSU
Comment – The Noles have struggled at times with teams not as good as they are on the road. Upset watch.


Miami (-21.5) at North Carolina
Winner straight up – Miami
Winner with points – North Carolina
Comment – Miami is giving up too many points this time of year. Three touchdowns is a lot.



DOUBLE LOCK OF THE WEEK (It's sort of stupid to say lock when I am at 50% for the year, but what the hell…)



Virginia Tech (-5) at Georgia Tech
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – Virginia Tech
Comment – I think Virginia Tech is ready to get on a roll.


Vanderbilt (+24) at LSU
Winner straight up – LSU
Winner with points – LSU
Comment – Tigers might thrash Vandy in Baton Rouge.



Year – Lock of the week: 5 of 10 or 50% (doggie paddling)
Year – Straight up: 89 out of 112 or 79% (80% for the year is the goal)
Year – Points: 47.5 of 97 or 49% (still a game under .500)

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