'80 play and Munson's call still legendary

JACKSONVILLE – More than 20 years ago Georgia and Florida met for their annual rivalry in Jacksonville. The Gator Bowl was the site of one of the most important plays in Georgia history. It was also the most important play in the history of Georgia's intense rivalry with hated Florida.

Talk to Florida fans and mention Lindsey Scott and watch as their eyes roll to the back of their head. Talk to Georgia fans about Lindsey Scott and you get a totally different reaction.

You can hear that reaction every Saturday the Bulldogs play in Athens as several fans do their best Larry Munson impersonations. "Run, Lindsey!" they scream.

"Larry is unbelievable. He keeps making calls that people remember," said Richt.

Georgia's Head Coach understands and appreciates Larry Munson's classic call in 1980.

"I think it's awesome," said Richt. "It's just one of those things when you think about it – it was a game that had to be won in order to win the national championship. It was against Florida. If you don't make that play you don't win that game; you don't win the SEC; you don't win the national championship."

Georgia went on to win the rest of its games before beating Notre Dame in the 1981 Sugar Bowl to claim the national title. But the play against Florida will always be the most well remembered play from that season.

"It meant so much; to be that far back in your territory and for (Buck Belue) to find a guy open – it just does not happen like that very often. The timing of that play and what it meant to Georgia at that time (was unreal)," said Richt.

"That was the year we won the national title and it happened to be in Jacksonville," said fullback Jeremy Thomas. "It'ss amazing how one play like that can be remembered for so long. I bet Buck is waiting for someone else to make a play like that so he does not have to hear about it all of the time. He's probably pretty sick of that."

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