Not Ready for a Decision Yet

Georgia linebacker <b>Antonio Clay</b> had been scheduled to announce his college decision on Countdown to Signing Day this week, but Clay's appearance has been pushed back. We caught up with Clay's head coach Dexter Copeland to get the latest on this situation.

"No he's not going on the TV show yet. We've got too big of a game this week with the 2nd round of the playoffs to have him up in Atlanta. Besides, I really don't think he's ready to make a commitment right now," Coach Copeland said.

Does Copeland have any idea where Antonio Clay may be leaning?

"I think Miami and Oklahoma are ahead, but your guess is as good as mine. With Antonio, I think it sometimes changes just from day to day."

Clay officially visited Miami last weekend and he has one trip left to take. Does his coach have an idea where he might go?

"I believe it's between Florida State and Maryland for the last visit. Georgia Tech is also still hanging around there, so who really knows right now"?

Does the leader of the Cobras have a feel for what Antonio's guardians may want him to do?

"I think they want him closer to home and Oklahoma and Miami are a long ways out there. They're not really pushing him to any one school but Florida State, Georgia and Georgia Tech are looking pretty good from that standpoint."

Clay has already made one commitment this year and that was to the University of Oklahoma. He recanted that pledge shortly after and soon opened up his recruitment. Since that time, Antonio has wavered back and forth between a handful of schools and it's really anybody's guess at this point where he may end up. This one could very well go down to the wire, no matter if Clay makes an early commitment or not.

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