4 Star Georgia DL Visits Tennessee

4-Star DL <b>Kyle Moore</b> has been one of the busiest official visitors in the country over the last month. With trips taken to schools such as USC, Oklahoma and most recently Tennessee, Kyle should certainly be adding up the frequent flyer miles in a hurry. Have these visits changed things on his leader board?

"I'm looking at USC, Oklahoma, Georgia, Tennessee, Miami, Ohio State, Michigan and maybe some others. I'd still say I'm open pretty much, but the schools I've visited already kind of have an advantage because I've seen them, and I haven't seen the other ones yet," Kyle Moore said.

How did he enjoy his latest official visit to Knoxville this past weekend?

"It was tight, just like the other two visits that I took. I really liked the Vol Walk and all the fans that were out there for that. Even though they lost, it was a good atmosphere inside the stadium."

How did the Tennessee trip compare to the previous ones?

"They were all tight like I said before. I felt the same way at all three of them really. Tennessee is closer to my house and my parents would probably like that, but they also said they don't care where I go to school either."

With Moore's recent busy recruiting weekends, most people would probably assume his season is over, but that's not the case whatsoever.

"We beat Bradwell Institute 21-7 last Friday in the first round of the playoffs. I had like 2 sacks and 7 tackles. Now, we've got Lovejoy this week and they're one of the #1 seeds so it should be a good game. I know they've got Chris Scott and some other guys on that team that can play."

Michigan looks to be the next best bet to get a visit from the Houston County star. As for his final visit however, that one looks to be up for grabs. It most likely will not be Georgia due to their proximity to his home and his familiarity with the program, so it should be an interesting battle to see who claims that 5th and final visit destination.

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