Georgia's Brown gets power from weight room

ATHENS – Much like the two quarterback "controversy" earlier this season, lately there has been much speculation as to which freshman tailback for Georgia will start each week. Danny Ware won the starting position earlier this season, but due to injuries and perhaps a few too many fumbles, Thomas Brown will get the nod this week.

"He's been very consistent with how he has run the ball," said Bulldog head coach Mark Rick about Thomas Brown. "The bottom line would just have to be the fact that he's just held onto the ball better. That is the biggest deciding factor for me as to who would start."

Although Brown has rushed for over 600 yards and seven touchdowns this season, this will be his first start.

"As soon as I got the word that I would get the start this week I felt my emotions rise and I got very excited," said Brown. "But, I tried not to let that overwhelm me. I need to maintain my focus."

At a (some would say) questionable 5'8" and a (all would say) solid 185 pounds, Brown was often told he was too small to play running back, or even football for that matter.

"I always feel like I have something to prove, because all my life people told me I was too small to play running back," said Brown. "They said I had a lot of speed, so maybe I could play corner. Even when I first got up here some of the guys told me I wasn't going to see much time at running back, because I was so small."

"Being small is actually one thing that has helped me out, because I'm able to hide behind the linemen. My speed, my agility, and of course my strength have helped me break those tackles and get those yards."

Pound for pound, however, Brown is the strongest Bulldog player. He got that distinction earlier this year in the Georgia weight room. He benches 400 pounds, squats 525 pounds, and even holds four of the eight weightlifting records at his alma mater, Tucker High School, including the bench and overall points records.

"I am absolutely confident in Thomas," said senior defensive end David Pollack. "He is a tough guy. He is not very big, but he is strong as an ox. He is fast and he is strong. He never stops moving his feet. He is a playmaker. He is going to be a good one."

He may well already be one thanks to the time he spent pumping iron.

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