Southerland focused on 2005 season

ATHENS – Next season when the Bulldogs take the field against Boise State, Brannan Southerland will finally get his chance to play.

It appeared that might come earlier this season with the suspensions of both Jeremy Thomas and Odell Thurman. However, the Bulldogs got through the first two games of the season relying heavily on Des Williams at fullback and other players at linebacker.

Southerland, who was recruited as a linebacker and a fullback, said he will be playing fullback full time next year for sure. "I always thought I was a little better at fullback," Brannan Southerland said.

"I have enjoyed my year, but redshirting gets a little boring," Southerland said. "Sometimes it feels like you practice and there is no pay off. I am trying to get ready for next year when I get my chance. I have been working with the threes right now and I have been trying to get in there and show my stuff when I can."

Southerland is one of several players that will be battling with experienced players above them in the depth chart for the starting spot at their position. Southerland will be in for a difficult challenge, however, as Williams had been productive this season.

"Des has gotten a lot of time this year. Hopefully we'll be able to fill Jeremy's void," he said.

As for the rest of the offense, Southerland said newcomers to starting roles will quickly grasp their offensive roles. "D.J. has been right there behind Greene in terms of learning his stuff. We have some sophomores and juniors that will be fighting for the spot when Reggie and Fred are gone," he said.

Although disappointed by sitting games out this season, Southerland says he still gets excited before home games, which he dresses out for.

"I get to dress out for the home games and even during warm ups, you just a little peek of what it will be like when you play. It's something to fight for in practice," he said.

It's when the team is on the road and he is at home when Southerland gets a unique look at the team on TV.

"There is no way to describe it. It is totally different than any other football game that you have ever watched. You don't miss a play; you know everything that's going on; and you feel like you should be there," he said.

Next year the fullback will be there.

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