Brown's reaction to Auburn hit

ATHENS -- Reggie Brown's mother, Bobbie, has been calling her son every day since Saturday to see how he's feeling, and every time he tells her what he told reporters Wednesday.

"I'm all right," Brown said in his first public comments since a helmet-to-helmet hit by Auburn safety Junior Rosegreen left him unconscious and motionless in the third quarter of Georgia's loss to the Tigers.

"I didn't have any headaches or stomachaches, no post-concussion syndrome crap, just a sore neck, that's all I had," Brown said.

The senior wide receiver, who leads the Bulldogs with 46 catches for 794 yards, hasn't practiced since the injury but walked around without a neck brace for the first time Wednesday. He will play, he said, against Georgia Tech on Nov. 27.

What he won't do is watch any replays of the hit. He hasn't yet, and he doesn't plan on it.

"I don't really want to watch it to tell you the truth," he said. "I've been trying to avoid it. Whenever they show college football (on sports television shows) I turn it off."

Brown said he remembers catching the pass prior to Rosegreen's hit, but he doesn't remember laying on the turf or walking off the field and sitting on the sidelines afterward.

Rosegreen called Brown on Tuesday "just checking on me to make sure I'm all right," Brown said.

"That was cool," he said.

Reggie Brown added he has no issues about the nature of the hit and doesn't think he's going to be worrying about a repeat the next time he takes the field.

"It's football," he said. "That's what you expect. I'm going to keep playing the game like I've been playing it. It's already happened, so what's to be scared of."

Coach Mark Richt has made a point this week of asking several of Brown's teammates about the receiver's frame of mind, Richt said.

"I've gotten some word back that they say he's fine," Richt said. "I guess only time will tell, but I'd be surprised if he didn't go back at it like has has always done."


Sean Bailey (knee), Martrez Milner (back) and Danny Ware (ankle) either sat out or were limited in Georgia's Wednesday practice due to minor injuries. All are expected to play against Georgia Tech.

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