One of those years for Felton? Yep.

ATHENS – One of those years? Yep one of those years where someone who's supposed to be your star players sits out most of the first half during a battle with a mid-major conference team. This will certainly be one of those years.

This season will be difficult enough for Dennis Felton and the rest of his inexperienced crew. The rag-tag bunch of college newcomers looked thrown together, which they are, and they looked small, which they are.

While many around Stegeman Coliseum whisper about if the Bulldogs will get to double digit wins on the season, Felton must have been worried about if his Dawgs were going to get any wins at all after Levi Stukes managed only five minutes of playing time in the first half. Stukes is the lone returning starter for Felton – he's also being looked to as the Dawgs' primary scorer this season. However, he managed only five points against Western Kentucky, the same number of fouls he had in the contest.

Stukes reappeared to start the second half, and the Bulldogs got hot – tying the game at 38 ear the start of the half. There were moments after the post halftime surge when the Dawgs crept to within three points of the Western Kentucky lead, but alas, it did not happen.

The Bulldogs were sent home a loser their first night of the season. It appears that could be a difficult trend to reverse in the near future. Nevada, a team that played in last season's NCAA Sweet 16 is the Bulldogs' opponent on Friday night.

Georgia, like many have pointed out, is lacking many things. They don't have guards that are great shooters; their big men, while at times aggressive, are difficult to count on in terms of point production, and there are no real wing men to speak of.

Georgia will be forced, like last season, to depend on its defense to win games. If the Bulldogs allow more than 65 points in a game their chances of winning that game are slim to none. Felton's groups will be forced to win ugly if they are going to win at all. Felton has proven he can make his teams win that way, but this year that seems too difficult a task to realistically expect.

"We looked young," Felton said after the game.

Young, indeed. Georgia threw seven freshmen to the wolves of college basketball Tuesday night. A few years down the road those players might contribute to a rebirth of Georgia basketball, but for this year they will take their lumps.

Many of the games Georgia will lose this season will have the same feeling this one did – just out of reach because of the young team's lack of knowledge of how to win games down the stretch, or lack of players experienced enough to do it.

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