A Dawg All the Way

<b>Joe Cox</b> of Charlotte, NC committed to The Georgia Bulldogs back in July. Cox has put up huge numbers this year and has quickly rose up the charts to become one of the top quarterbacks on the Atlantic Coast. It has been speculated that Steve Spurrier will be looking for a quarterback, but he'll have to look elsewhere.

"I am 100% solid to Georgia," said Joe Cox. "I am not looking anywhere else. I don't open mail or take calls from any other programs. Georgia is where I want to be. "If I could sign today, I would. I would have signed with Coach Richt as soon as they put that offer in front of me back in July."

So, Spurrier to South Carolina has no affect on you?

"None at all…I am glad he is back coaching though. I think he will make the South Carolina game that much bigger all across the SEC. He will only make the conference better. I have no interest in South Carolina or anyone else. I am going to Georgia and my commitment to them is as firm as it could be."

Joe Cox will lead The Independence Patriots up against Northwest Gilford this week in the third round of the North Carolina playoffs.

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