5 keys to the game

Josh Kendall's five keys to a Bulldog win over Georgia Tech.

Georgia must get off to a good start

Georgia plays much better when it has a lead. The Bulldogs' offense is particularly striken with frontrunner syndrome. If something good happens early, Georgia will pile on the points. If it stubs its toe in the first quarter, it'll be a fight.

Georgia must not turn the ball over

Mark Richt thinks Georgia Tech would have two more wins than it does now if it weren't minus-14 in the turnover category. The Bulldogs are break even this year in turnovers. They can't let the Yellow Jackets reverse that trend today.

Georgia must pick off Reggie Ball

Everybody else has, so why not. The Bulldogs don't need the feisty Ball getting the slightest bit of confidence in this game because he's capable of a special performance. Ball's going to throw a few up for grabs, and Georgia has to make sure Calvin Johnson doesn't get them all.

Georgia must make a field goal or two

Andy Bailey had his first really bad field goal miss against Auburn. The soft-spoken freshman is 13 of 19 on the season. He still has the complete confidence of Richt, who hasn't thought of pulling him, but his own confidence has to be a little shaky. He'll get a chance or two today. He has the make them.

Georgia must win or else

The Bulldogs entered the season with national championship hopes. Those are gone, but the season is not a complete loss. They're still headed to a January bowl game, which is not too bad. Lose here and that changes and suddenly the season is a huge bust.

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