One word for win over Tech

ATHENS – Georgia's fourth win in a row over Georgia Tech was not like the three before it. This time, the Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets fought one another in wind, rain, and very cold weather before the Dawgs pulled out a win in the final minute of the game.

I surveyed the locker room after the Bulldog win to get a few different players' perspectives on the win. I asked them to use one word to describe their thoughts on the game. Here is what they said:

D. J. Shockley – Determined. To win this game we had to be determined to win. The way the second half ended and the way our defense played. Everyone had to stay determined and ready to win.

David Greene – Nasty. That's the best word, because it wasn't a pretty game by any means. Weather-wise or the way that we played.

Thomas Brown – Battle. They were ready to go all game long. It wasn't anything that we didn't expect.

David Pollack – Weird. With the buses breaking down before the game – the tale of two halves – the refs getting a triceps workout throwing flags against us the whole game. It was just weird.

Jeremy Thomas – Fight. We finished – we fought. We fought all the way to the end.

Mark Richt – Relief. I guess it was a typical in-state rivalry game. People say you throw the records out in these games and it's true. There is so much passion involved in this game, and I don't know – one word? Thankful.

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