Tickets for Outback moving fast

ATHENS – Georgia's outgoing seniors wanted a little more than the Outback Bowl at the start of the 2004 season. But after their win over Georgia Tech, the seniors made clear they wanted one thing above all – warmth.

They got just that when Georgia accepted a bid to play in the 2005 Outback Bowl on New Year's Day.

"We knew it was the Outback, Capital One, or Cotton Bowl," said senior Fred Gibson. Gibson and the rest of the team found out earlier than in past years when the Outback and Georgia settled on one another nearly five days before the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.

The early announcement helped with ticket sales, too.

"We are extremely pleased with the reaction of Georgia Bulldog fans to our bid to the Outback Bowl," said Athletic Director Damon Evans today. "The initial success of ticket sales for the Outback Bowl is a great statement about our university, our football program and our fans."

A new program at Georgia allowed the athletic association to start selling bowl game and SEC Championship tickets during the season. That allowed Bulldog fans to grab nearly 9,000 tickets before their bowl destination was announced. Today Evans announced the Bulldogs needed additional tickets from the Outback Bowl. Georgia's re-upping for more tickets means Bulldog fans have picked up at least 2,000 tickets in less than a week.

"I'll I wanted was some place warm," said senior wide receiver Reggie Brown, "some place that is 80-something degrees."

Brown got his wish, and apparently so did a large quantity of Bulldog fans – at least 11,000. And although Georgia ordering another allotment of tickets is unlikely, this year's sellout and request for more tickets from the Outback Bowl will do the Bulldogs good in future season's bowl selections.

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